Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hello again! I'm very proud of myself for getting around to blogging again today, don't you agree! ;)
Here is my outfit from today, I wanted to be a little smarter, as on my days of I like to take advantage of not having to wear the same sort of thing (BLACK!) every day,  but this weather left me with no other option than to wear my converse...sigh. Despite this I did get to wear my new blazer (yes, another one to add to my collection!). This is actually part of a two piece, if you follow me on twitter you may have seen me write about it and post a little picture of the combo in action. It's from Topshop for anyone who is wondering (I really must start to put where each thing I wear is from because I get so many of the same questions :( sorry!). God knows when I will actually wear the set, but I couldn't resist. I love the silky fabric because it gives it an element of 'the pyjama suit' whilst still being quite sharp in the cut.
The plain white tee is from Forever 21 as is the necklace- two of my new purchases from when I was hangover shopping the other day.
Talking of that, here are a couple of pictures from Tuesday when I went out with my girls, I didn't think to take any proper shots with my camera because it was all so rushed but my little brother took one of me on Instagram before I left!

Here I am wearing a River Island jacket, Topshop sleeveless top, H&M jeans, Zara sandals and clutch. It was lovely to go out and catch up with my girls, drink cosmopolitans and have a dance, however work the next day wasn't great, all worth it though After work I met my best friend to eat McDonalds and do some shopping (Dangerous). I bought The F21 tee and jewellery and a peplum top from H&M, which I can't wait to wear! I also bought a fluoro nail polish from Primark of all places, it's actually alright not I'm not holding out much hope in regards to longevity, however that's more due to me and work as opposed to the brand or  quality of a nail laquer.

On a similar note (spending) a week or so ago I finally bought myself a BOY London top, I have been pissing about undecided for weeks and so on a long days lunch break I decided to treat myself. I'm going to get my Step-Mom to take it in and turn it up a little bit for me as it's a mens one size, HA. ATM it's more like a fucking maxi on me.

As always here are some other random photo's from recent weeks off my Instagram (missy_elz if you don't already follow & wish to).

A few shots from todays shananigans.
My new things from Wednesday, After-cocktails pizza, wearing my new BOY top.
Starbucks reward (FINALLY), My FLOOZIE by Frost French set, Starbucks banter & a pastry.
My Dad's pride & joy (ahah), my new ring, sporting a Paul frank Onesie & blazers.

Right, I think that's probably enough from me for now, I think I've made up for my absence over the past two weeks (?!) In fact I think I've now given you a Stacie overdose. 
Hope you all have a great week! Over & out! XXX


  1. love your blog and style! new follower xx

  2. I love that spotty blazer! You look really nice in it :) xxxx

  3. I love your style, it's so simple, but the blazer and converse just look fab and you look gorgeous xx

  4. Stacie you're brilliant

  5. fab blog, just stumbled upon it, hope to see you over at mine sometime

    kirsty x

  6. fab style and blog
    im following !


  7. so pretty ! i love the sophistication in your style. are those zara heels difficult to walk in? have been debating getting them for ages, they look ideal for nights out xxx

  8. Just came across your blog and it's so lovely!! :)

    Now following, please check out mine if you can!

    Thank you :)


  9. Your blog is super cute! Let's follow each other if you'd like =}

  10. Hola! He visto tu blog y es simplemente genial :)
    te sigo ¿devuelves?
    un besito ♥

  11. I can't wait to get a BOY top, love em!

    great post! xo

  12. ok so i JUST stumbled upon your blog & i think it's fantastic. you're so gorgeous! actually you look just like my's all very unfair, you ought to save some smashing looks for the rest of us. ; ) but really, you have fantastic style, truly. i'm excited to see more of your looks & little adventures! xo.

  13. I have that polka dot blazer. I picked it up in the topshop sale and I love it. Wear it every day to work. I didn't realise it was part of a set though, damn I want the trousers now! x

  14. u look great love ur first blazer!kisses

  15. I really like hoe you incorporated the converse into the look.