Sunday, 29 April 2012

Fluorescent Adolescent

Hi Guys! I'm really sorry it has taken me so long to post. I have had to work the past two Sundays which is my usual blogging day, and also this week I worked 6 days instead of 5 so I have had very little free time. ALSO hat the hell is going on with this weather still? It's making me lazy when it comes to getting dressed, because in my head I'm just thinking my shoes are going to get ruined and I'm going to be piss wet through and cold. Miserable! Anyone else feel like this?
Anyhow. This is just a little post to show you what I wore on Friday. I decided not to let the bad weather get the better of me or my wardrobe and opted for a fluorescent jumper- which is from Topshop, and my spiked heels from Zara, as a kind of F YOU BRITISH WEATHER! The necklace and bracelet are two of my new little purchases from this week, I love them.
I'm hopefully going to do another post later on, so I can show you a few of my other new purchases and what-not, along with some instagram pictures, try and use this bad weather as an opportunity to stay in the loop with you guys!
Hope you all have a great day, catch you later! XXX


  1. Im so fed up of the weather too, it just doesn't stop raining.
    Love the shos!


  2. i agree with this weather! it never makes you wanna dress up because as soon as you step outside...its ruined! You however look lovely and I love that jumper! well done for brightening up someones day! x

  3. I love the jumper and collar, i agree with you about the weather, just got pissed wet through!

  4. I love your hair and those shoes are gorgeous!xx

  5. LOVE this look. Is that bag from zara?

  6. Love this - simple but stylish. I swear the weather makes me dress like a hobo sometimes so I salute you for refusing to be affected!

  7. oh I've been looking for a neon yellow top... But I just dont know if I would look as good as you =)

    1. Betty Jackson for Debenhams has a really nice one XX

  8. I love your style, where is your watch from?

  9. I completely and totally love this outfit!! You have great style! And I also love your blog - following! =)

    Aishling xx