Friday, 18 May 2012

A quick HELLO!

Hello you lovely lot. This is literally a quick wizz post to show you that I am still alive and I am sorry for not posting sooner. I feel like I have been caught up doing a million other things and have neglected and more importantly my lovely old and new followers!
I'm going to do a better post on what I've been up to etc within the next few days, but as an overview;
I have worked, slept, April turned into May, I retrieved my stolen goods, experienced an insane night out, endured one of my most hideous hangovers to date, been a hair model and fallen in love with a lipstick.
For more regular updates on what I'm doing, what I'm wearing and what is sending my little heart in a flutter follow me on Twitter @missy_elz or Instagram: @missy_elz, and if not, sit tight and I will be back soon! XX


  1. You hair looks amazing <3 so pretty. Hope you're well :) xxx

  2. You eyelashes are craaazy gorgeous! And that lipstick rocks. You go girl :))

    Belle De Jour

  3. i love your hair and your eyelashes <3

  4. i love you'r hair and lipstick. Very pretty!

  5. lovely, what is the lipstick you're wearing? x

  6. Wow, you make up looks so lively and fresh, the eyes and the lips.