Friday, 25 February 2011

Topshop- New In.

I'm always trawling the Topshop website pining over different things and today is no different. has some amazing new items added every week, so I thought I'd put together some of my top picks so show you some of the new stock and ways to wear it, S/S '11 stylie!
Now, I know I always use predominantly Topshop items in my 'ways to wear' posts, one reason is purely down to the fact that all items are shown on plain backgrounds which makes it easier to show to you, but another is purely because I think it is ne of the most stylish and influential places on the high street-  however, as a result of this, similar stores stock items that are pretty much the same, or inspired by Topshop pieces.
Note: if you ever see an item I show that is from Topshop that you find maybe too expensive or whatever, feel free to get in touch and maybe I can point you in the direction of similar pieces from another store :)

Anyhow, here are my faves right now!

(I know that in the 2nd collection I have used a make-up bag, but due to the style and size, it can quite easily be used as a clutch! ..Something you should bear in mind when bag shopping in other places- it's good to use items for a different purpose than what they are advertised for!)


  1. wow love those scallop shorts ,beige bag and hareem pants! :)

  2. Ahh I was in Topshop today.. I cannot explain how nice the stuff in there is right now! I love everything you picked out :) xo

  3. i would love to wear the shorts and the coat together

  4. The shorts! Scallop shorts! I cannot find them anywhere on the Topshop website?! Could you send me the link or something?! Haha, i love them! Lovely post :)


  5. oh no, i thnk they've sold out :( xxx

  6. Lovely stuff! Like the leopard print shoes and armour ring in particular- the ring might reduce my lust of a YSL one. I'm definitely going to DIY some scallop shorts soon methinks! x

  7. I'm always checking the Topshop new-in section too, i love the scallop hem shorts, they're beautiful! xx