Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Snake in the grass pt. 2 (+NEWS!)

Hello! So, I finally caved in and treated myself to this snake kimono. I fell in love with it weeks ago and have used it in style posts a few times recently & it is now finally mine! (hurrah). I usually go by the rule, if its there in my size, God wanted me to have it, this was no exception.
I think snake is a print that doesnt date so much- I have a snake Zara skirt that I bought a few years back and still wear it now! PLUS The big CB has used it in the Burberry S/S '11 collection <3
I'm going to wear it in the day with some denim (shorts/jeans and for an evening to jazz up a black ensemble. It also looks cutwe nipped in with a waist cinch, so even though it's quite an obvious piece, I think it can be worn in quite a few different ways!
Here i'm just wearing it with black skinnys & a sheer oversized top.

In other news, today I got to call offering me a job (FINALLY) as a concession supervisor/visual merchandiser in Debenhams, Birmingham, which I'm super excited about! I only had my interview yesterday but the manager said she loved my attitude & fought for me, so by lunch time today it was mine! I start in March, so I'll keep you posted on it! :)



  1. Congrats on the job!! thats so great and exciting!! Loving that snake print kimino it looks so amazing on.

    I heart those shoes. :) You are so pretty xx

  2. Awh what good news!! That's fantastic :) and a lovely kimono too! Best of luck for starting the job!

  3. Congratulations on the job! :D And the kimono looks stunning on you :) x x

  4. I love that kimono, looks gorgeous on you! Congratulations on the job too!

  5. My friend has this kimono and I've been rather jealous for weeks x

  6. Oh Stacie you look lovely in this! and your hair looks fab.

    Congrats on the job darling. xxxx

  7. Well done! You'll do a fabulous job of it xxx

  8. OMG I'm extremely happy for you bout the job! I know how hard it is to get jobs in that field, well done you!
    You're looking super pretty as always & hair is looking hotttttt xo.

  9. I randomly discovered your blog and gosh it is truly divine....I LOVE it and your hair is so amazing xxx