Friday, 25 February 2011

Formspring- New shoes?

"Hello, just got a Q for ya. I recently bought a pair of black suede pumps as they were only 3$, but they're a tiny bit too small. Wondering if you know any ways to stretch them other than wearing them in (it hurts!)? Any help much appreciated! X"

Hey, I know a couple of methods that might work for you. Firstly, you can buy shoe stretch spray. It's like an aerosol that you spray on the inside of the shoe and then put your feet into it and the shoe should mould more to the shape of your foot.
Secondly, try using some damp scrunched up newspaper and stuff the shoe tight with it. Leave it over night to dry out and the shoe should stretch as the paper grows whilst drying out.
Hope you get to wear your new shoes soon! X 

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