Tuesday, 14 September 2010

What fake tans would you reccommend? Im so pale and they all make me look rediculas.

I am also very pale, so I can understand your concern! Here are 3 of my favourite tans with are great quality, have good results and don’t cost extortionate amounts of money!

First of all, Superdrug Solait fake tan mousse. This is my personal favourite. It has recently been revamped and it’s going on and smelling better than ever. It costs around £8, however is regularly on offer, which is when I tend to stock up and smells very different to your average biscuit smelling tans.
It’s available in two shades, light/ medium and medium/dark. I currently use medium dark, as when I tan, I TAN! However, starting out on light/medium will help you experiment with less worries, and you can always layer it for a deeper colour.

Secondly, L’Oreal Nutri-summer moisturizer self tan. This is what I started off on when I began tanning, and I found it really good to use and the colour wasn’t too daunting. It’s also available in light/medium and medium/dark, which means it’s more appropriate for your skin type and doesn’t just go orange to look dramatic on every skin tone! It costs around £8 but I think you can get it for cheaper in supermarkets. I used to apply before bed, leave it to soak in for a short while then go to bed and wake up with a lovely glow. This is also a good product to use as just a moisturizer prior to a stronger tan, as it keeps the skin soft, as well as adding to the tan build up.

Finally, St.Moriz, I have written about this product before, and swore by it for about 8 months, buying bottle after bottle! I have now got many of my friends on it, all who LOVE it!
This tan is the cheapest at around £3, and can be purchased online, as well as in lower cost beauty stores such as Body-care, Savers, B&M and Home Bargains.
The colour of this tan is very different to most brands and has no orange tones to it at all, however in my personal opinion doesn’t smell as good as the Solait. Don’t be afraid by the colour of the mousse, as it isn't as dark when it’s on!
This product is best applied, as is the Solait with an applicator mitten to avoid streaks, however both of these tans show colour instantly so you can see where you’re going with them, and develop slightly deeper over time!

I hope this helps!

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  1. I have had problems with the st moriz and i'm really pale. On me it's last for 2-3days then it goes all horrible and that happens with alot of fake tan I have tried even tho I exfoilate first so I need help picking a right fake tan thats will last better any ideas? xxx