Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Heylooo! I love your style! Ive been friends with you on myspace for years and absolutely love your blog. Just wondering what you think: any way I can use my pale pink tapered chinos in my autumn wardrobe?! x

Aw, thank you!
Well, you can either dye them camel to instantly get a bang on trend item for the cost of some fabric dye (around £5), or wear them with care, yet confidence, teamed with some more on-trend A/W pieces. 

First of all here are a few inspirational outfits in terms of styles and colour palette's.

 (click to see larger size!)

&& Here are a few items which I think you could wear them with!

(Every item shown above can be found at Topshop.com)

Sorry I got carried away and picked loads! I can create more basic combination outfits if you so wish!


  1. that pile of shoes is amazing. i kinda want it all.


  2. Hey there... ;-D

    Thanx for dropping by! I love this post, you really did a lot of research on it...

    And I guess, I´ve been to that header "room" before, hehe... Hope Carrie and the girls will drop by soon! God, how I miss them! ;0)

    I´m now your new follower! ;-)

    A Shopaholic is loose