Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy...

Hello guys! Happy first day of April! Can't believe March is done and dusted! It's been emotional!
I wanted to do a much better post than this today picture-wise but they all turned out shit (I am DESPERATE for a decent camera...) and so I decided to just show you some pictures from my day that I put on Instagram.
First things first, say hello to my new shirt. It's the one I was going on about a few posts ago from the Warehouse sale. I finally got it yesterday and I LOVE it. It hangs beautifully and because it it 100% silk it looks and feels like a dream!
I went to Bentley Bridge today, which is in Wolverhampton but after one shop and a MASSIVE argument with the store manager (who doesn't know how to do his job properly or how to handle customers, and is a poor excuse of a man) we left and went to Tamworth for a little look around their retail park. They have quite a good little new Look their, and my Sister and I had some vouchers and so we ended up spending about an hour in there looking around and trying stuff on. We picked her loads of cool bits (including some cool pastel numbers...) and I got a few bits for myself. Including a blue jumper (I NEVER wear blue but I inspired myself with my last post!), a pastel tee- which was in the sale for £3! And some white skinny jeans, which I actually got out the kids sections for £10.40 after discount! They are age 11 but they fit amazing!
Also today was quite a big deal because..... I went to Nando's for the first time ever! wowowowwww.

Here's a few pictures from this week, including from when I went to this years personal shopper conference which was on Monday- I got SO much free stuff it was amazing!

New stuff from today. // Me, Mom & Sister. // NANDOS! // A present from my Dads friend who just came back from America. // Me off to work. // My being a bad man in my McKenzie jacket. // All my free stuff from the conference. // A lazy outfit. // My Monday in a photo.

That's me done.
I'm going now to read my Company High Street Edit that I have spent far too long trying to get my hands on!
Enjoy your week!


  1. Love the shirt, it's really pretty! xxx

  2. The shirt is lovely. I really like Warehouse at the moment, some of their brighter stuff really keeps catching my eye. x

  3. Your blazer collection turns me green with bloody envy!!
    You always look amazing!

  4. The colours on the shirt are lovely, looks gorgeous on you! Loving your jewellery aswell, sounds like you picked up some great buys when you were shopping! x
    Dreams and Dresses

  5. Love the shirt!!


  6. I love this, your so gorgeous too. I love your blog, its vastly become a favourite(:

  7. Absolutely love you're shirt!-you're gorgeous too, what foundation do you use?xxxx

  8. Love the jewelry!! You look very pretty. xxx

  9. great blog!!!!!!!!!! very pretty :)

  10. Ah your shirt is to die for, love the print on it!

    Just found your blog and really love your style!

    I hate when you received bad customer service it's really important to make sure your customers are happy!

    Jade x

    Ginger Pickle ♥

  11. LOVE the shirt!!! im following u right now :*

  12. Your gorgeous! So jealous of your hair. I'm a new follower xox

  13. I am in love with that song!! It looks like you have so much fun!! I am new to your blog and I'm so glad I found it! I invite you to check mine out! I hope you are having a great week!