Tuesday, 13 March 2012


(Blazer & Necklace: New Look, Shirt: Topshop '11)
Good evening!
I have spent the whole day feeling hideous for some reason, I don't think last nights wine liked me!
But once I eventually pulled myself together and got out of bed I thought I'd showcase my new lipstick and nail polishes for you guys to see! I couldn't decide on which colours to wear, so I wore them all, which I think makes perfect sense (& maybe makes me look a bit mental...) I think I'm going to set a new trend.
I really like the lipstick, I wanted something similar to my old Topshop lipstick crayon in 'Coy' because I love the shade but it looks shit on my lips after about 5 minutes. It's a little too chalky I find. For me anyway. This is much creamier so it sits better but I might wear Coy over this for an extra little colour pop.
This is also another new blazer of mine (Stacie in a blazer, SHOCK HORROR). I am obsessed and I don't even care. I have had my eye on the coral one in River Island for ages now but it's too similar to the hot pink one I bought from there last year, so I got this little bad boy instead as it is the same cut, a bit more different and panders to the pastel trend that I seem to favouring a lot more than anticipated. I think it might even look cool with my Preen pants, but I am yet to experiment.
I am back to work tomorrow (for 1 day before I have another day off- I LOVE HOLIDAY!) but I am going on in Birmingham with my Cousin who is down from Oxford for a course, which I am looking forward to, yet have no idea what to wear, but lets face it, it will probably be jeans and a blazer. HA.
Last time we went out I got so drunk I got on the wrong train home, had to go back and stay in Birmingham and then go into work wearing the same clothes as the previous night and buy new things to wear.
Classy bird.
I'm going now to finish washing and to pack. Over & out! XXX
PS. To those asking about the shoes in my last post, they are Topshop!


  1. Love this!! I really want a candy coloured blazer. But unfortunately on a spending ban now! ;]
    <3 Laura x

  2. I love the colour combination!


  3. I have obviously not just bought this blazer..I swear blind! You are a bad influence lol x

  4. I love the blazer! I need to get my hands on one!

    - Olivia xx

  5. hahaha you're a complete vino like me!! this post really made me laugh. you could definitely be onto a winner with the nail polish trend!!- jade xxx


  6. I bought a mint green blazer from new look yesterday, they have them in every pastel coour imaginable!xxx

  7. Lovely outfit. Adoring another blazer of yours :). <3

  8. love the colour of your blazer!
    mantenso xx

  9. I'm desperate for a coloured blazer!
    This looks amazing on you!!
    x x x

  10. Love this blazer! Looks lovely on you


  11. just came across your blog and really really like it! :)
    you have a great style!
    i'M definitely following you now and i'd be more than happy if you took a look at my blog and tell me what you think.
    maybe you can become a follower too!? :)
    it would mean a lot to me!


  12. great blazer! and love the lipstick colour, really suits you! :) xx

  13. What shampoo and conditioner do you use? Your hair always looks so shiny!

    Kirsty x

  14. Awesome. http://rozalaperfeccion.blogspot.com/

  15. your nails look gorgeous, so perfect. love the pink pastel tones in this post!

  16. love the nails!!


  17. I AM SO OBSESSED WITH YOUR BLOG!! I'm sneakily trying to look at it while at work, haha! Every time I come here I fall in love with a piece of your clothing, I'm going to be so broke by the end of the payweek. Keep up the amazing work, I love that you write about your life as well, it keeps me entertained x

  18. Your stunning, your blog is freaking amazing, followed!


  19. Oh wow, PLEASE let me steal this whole outfit ;D

    I seriously love that blazer, do you know if New Look are still selling them? :)

    Day By Diva

  20. P.s. i'm now following you on twitter, you should definitely tweet some photos of all those pastel clothes you have, i'm on a crazy hunt for more pastels in my wardrobe and have no idea where to start lol :)

  21. Cute! I love the combination of pink and cream together!

  22. I really love your blazer. I have just found your blog and I really love it!


  23. great style! :)