Sunday, 19 February 2012

When you've given up, when no matter what you do is ever good enough.

Hello, here's a few photo's of me and what I wore today. I got the brogues yesterday from my Mom. SO excited because I'd been pining after them for about a week and a half. I needed them in my life. I'm really looking forward to the weather perking up so I can wear them with shorts and stuff. Until then I shall be wearing them with jeans/leather trousers. The shirt is the one I bought with my credit note. The remaining money I think I'm going to put towards one of my birthday outfits. River Island usually has some good stuff in and this year I'm determined to get a dress! Anyway, I am sidetracking.


As I said, I've been getting a lot of comments and questions about my hair so I thought I'd do a little thing on it now so anyone who cares will know what the deal with it is.

Getting my hair the colour it is:
Basically, I haven't had my hair coloured in about 8 months. I hate my hair when it's freshly done because I don't think it suits me without roots. My hair is naturally quite a light brown and so seems to blend pretty well with my highlights and so I haven't really needed to get it done. So no, I don't dye my roots brown or get my hair dyed 3 inches down my head, I just don't get it done. Period!

How I style my hair:
I am rubbish with hair styles, and even when I bother to do much to it it just drops out.
My routine is  to wash and condition it in the morning, blow dry it and then run a few curls through it with my GHD's, which then drop out after about 5 minutes leaving me with a kind of messy, dragged through a hedge look.

What products I use:
I am currently using Tracy McAdams shampoo and conditioner which smells AHHHMAAAZING. I use a tangle teezer (I don't know how I ever coped without one) and then just some hair spray. (I told you I am shit at hair).


Here's just a few pictures from this week from my Instagram (missy_elz if you want to follow) inc todays nails.

The bottom left picture shows how I woke up the other morning; fully dressed in my work uniform, watch, red lipstick and all! Strong look! And the lights were on. Super tired!

Anyway, that's all from me tonight, I am off to chill out and listen to Emeli Sandes album. I am actually in love with it. I havent listened to anything else since I got it. If you haven't already, GET INVOLVED. She is incredible. (ps. the title is one of her lyrics, not me having a meltdown).


  1. Where are your brogues from? they're gorgeous! <3

  2. you're so pretty! i love the whole outfit. your top is really cute and i love how edgy your accessories are.


  3. love this :)


  4. Your nails look gorgeous! Need to try that out :) x

  5. Love that top and the bracelet is so edgy. You have beautiful hair too, jealous how low maintenance it seems to be x

  6. Does anyone know where i can pick up the spiked cuff? I love it but cant find it anywhere!

    Elz - Another amazing outfit!

    1. New look. Currently on b.o.g.o.f x x

    2. Amazing! Thank you! Deffo one for this weekends outfit :) x

  7. Thanks for following! this post is right up my street xxx

  8. Very nice outfit ! Love your shoes ! :)

  9. I love your brogues!
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    Follow and I'll follow back x

  10. Amazing look:)))

  11. In the space of 5 minutes I've absolutely fallen in love with your blog! You have an amazing sense of style. I love your brouges and blouse in this outfit xo