Monday, 20 February 2012

Monday Funday.

My outfit from today was pretty boring and very similar to what you have already seen in a previous post so instead I thought I'd share with you an ensemble I created while playing dress up tonight. Over the past two days I have been getting really excited for the Spring/Summer months to arrive- I am so fed up of being cold and it raining. The novelty of layering has truly ran dry now for me. And so I have been thinking about outfits that I can create from my current wardrobe.
It is my birthday a month tomorrow and around about the time when I start getting asked what I would like, I start to think of the warmer weather approaching and what I'd like to be wearing. 
This outfit is something I'll wear maybe with some brogues to meet the girls for lunch or maybe with some heels for a beer garden evening or something, with my cat eye sunglasses. 

In other news, yesterday marked the day of my 700th post! I am actually quite excited about this! So here is to another 700! 
Also, I am currently OBSESSED with the idea of getting a nose ring and a new tattoo. I am thinking of getting the tattoo for my birthday as it's something that I have been wanted to get done for about 18months now. The nose ring however I think might be done sooner. I think it's a case of getting it out of my system, so knowing me it'll be in for about a week before I have a change out heart and take it out, but I'll never know if I never try!
I'm not sure why all of a sudden I have seemed to turn into a massive greebo but I'm cool with it.
I've spent the evening prancing about my house with one of my little sisters ear cuffs hooked around my nose like a maniac to try and get an idea of how it's going to look. Here's a photo I took of me in action...

Also, here is a picture of the shoes I fell in love with today when shopping with Charmaine. I saw them in Selfridges about a month ago and was swooning over them back then, but today when I tried them on it nearly brought a tear to my eye. It was a beautiful moment. I need them in my life so I can take them dancing on my birthday!

I'm feeling pretty sad that my day off is now drawing to an end, so I'm off to go and make the most of my next hour or so awake. 
Over & Out! 


  1. you look amazing! and definitely get the tattoo it's worth it :] x

  2. Them shoes are to die for!!
    And as for the nose it, it hurts at first but once it's fine you'll love it!
    x x x x

    1. It hurts for a few days, and the next couple of weeks it's really sensitive because it's still raw. You'll have to wait at least a month before changing the stud to a ring, otherwise it'll get infected.
      Other than that, GET IT DONE! I've had mine pierced since 2008 and I love it!

  3. I looovveeee that blazer! Great colour too - ideal for the spring! (hurry upp warmer weather!)

    Completely unrelated, but I love your amazing wallpaper too! xx

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  5. My goodness that outfit is just so pretty. Absolutely love everything you're wearing! AND THE SHOES! Christ how sexy are they!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!
    :) x

  6. Gorgeous outfit! Your jacket and your clutch are amazing! I love the colours! xxx

  7. That's such a pretty colour on you, as usual I'm really lovin your shoes and rest of your swag. Amy x

  8. love the colour of the blazer! :) xx

  9. Just came across your blog and I love it :) You're gorgeous and I love your style! Now following! xx

  10. Love this look. You look gorgeous ! xoxo

  11. youre beautyfull!

    love your blog

    ill follow you!

  12. Your hair is GORGEOUS !

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    P.S I followed, because your blog is super cute : ]


  13. Hello!!

    Where is your blazer from? I have just found your blog and I'm in love with your outfits and the way you put things together!!