Thursday, 26 January 2012

What I wore.

So this is just a quick post on my outfit from Sunday. My Dad & I went to the Bullring to get me a new phone- if you follow me on twitter you'll know why, if not a better blog post is coming up over the weekend! I bought these boots a couple of months ago and was going to return them but realised they were out of policy so I thought I'd take them for a spin. They're actually really comfy but they're not a wardobe essential in my opinion, but then again, not much I buy is!

Boots: ASOS
Blazer: River Island
Jumper: Warehouse

I hope everyones week is going ok!


  1. Omg the shoes are beautiful! Think I might get them x

  2. Shoes are lovely, so unusual!

  3. LOVE those shoes! You look gorgeous :) xx

  4. Those boots were deff worth taking for a spin,
    They look so cool!

  5. Oooooo those shoes are a dream! xx

  6. Those shoes are amazing! I really like your outfit as well...your so pretty!!