Sunday, 29 January 2012

My weekend.



Hello guys! So, I had the whole weekend off from work and it has been amaaaaazing. Saturday I went to Birmingham to meet my best friend for some shopping and coffee etc which was nice. I didn't really buy much other than the skull scarf from the Sunday pictures and fags and Starbucks!
Today has been just chilled doing family stuff and went on a mini shopping trip with my sister. I got a new lipstick today. I went to get a new Natural collection one in Crimson which is my ultimate fave but they didn't have it. Instead I bought a Barry M one in number 129- it's a lilac colour which is not really something I've ever fancied but today I was feeling experimental. I have been grungey outfit-wise these weekend so the lipstick has given it a girly touch!
This is me taking it for a spin around the house tonight in my slacks...

I have literally had the weirdest past 10 days possibly ever.
Last week when on my travels I had my bag stolen, which was like my worst nightmare coming true. It was my dalmatian Zara over sized clutch which had my purse (money & cards), keys, phone, fags, make-up.... all in it. meaning I lost EVERYTHING. 
I then got moved departments at work which meant I was no longer based on Young Fashion but now Lingerie and also supervising personal shopper, which has been amazing because I have been covering Personal Shopper myself, dealing with clients etc. It is SO much fun. I love it. I wasn't sure about the move at first but now I'm just taking it as a new challenge!
I also had a lovely £204 phone bill, which made me feel sick!! After I got my phone stolen, my Dad took me to get a new one so I now had a iPhone 4s 32GB which is so good because it means I have double the memory I had before, every (i) cloud! ;)

I also wanted use this post to apologise to everyone who has formspringed me over the last year and I haven't got 'round to responding to. There are so many old questions in there that I am just going to write them all off and start again properly and keep on top of them, so if there's anything you want to know/say, click here. I can't always do things straight away because of work/social commitments but I'm going to sortmy shit out and get involved with it more again. Starting from now!

"Can you do a "inside my handbag" post on your blog and take a photo of what you carry around each day?"

I can't say the contents of my handbag is as exciting as other bloggers that I have seen but here we go. Whats inside can vary from day to day, depending on what I am doing or where I am going but these things are generally involved regardless. First of all: headphones! These are the rhinestone earphones I got for christmas and I looooove them! Having music to listen to is my number one essential for any day because it helps me out in the morning when I'm half asleep and on the train going to work. I travel a lot because I commute and so if ever I forgot these and didn't have music to listen to I think I'd die a little inside. 
Next, fags. I take my smoking pretty seriously and generally will be found with 2 or 3 varities of cigarettes on me; menthols, lights and vanilla are currently in my bag. Along with some slims which are really light. 
I carry a diary- in all honesty I don't know why. I bought it in the sale, thinking I'd need one. I literally write last minute plans in it and shifts. Haha.
The leopard print key chain and quilted purse are Marc Jacobs. Luckily these two weren't in my bag when it was stolen else it would have been even more horrible than it was!
I don't really carry a lot of make-up with me most days but generally have a mascara, a few lipsticks and my bronzer/mirror. Oh and my carmex, because its the best!
And finally Difflam, because my throat is constantly giving me hassle and it helps to sort it out without having to take any medicine!

That's all from me now. I think I have waffled on enough for one night! Well done (and sorry) to anyone who has actually read all this!

Have a nice week everyone! 


  1. Adore your outfit.. the boots and the scarf is lovely <3

  2. Lovely boots i've been eyeing them up on asos for some time haha xo

  3. LOVE the accessories!!


  4. the accessories are amazing!!!

  5. Loving your velvet boots! So gorgeous

  6. I'm always happy when I see a new post, love those boots x

  7. Sorry about your bag, glad to hear that you're enjoying life though. Blimey you sure you got enough fags there, lol! x

  8. saturdays outfit is gorgeous!


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  10. You are stunning.
    I love these outfits and your hair color is awesome.
    One of my new favorites!

  11. Where are these glasses from lovely?