Sunday, 6 November 2011


"Hi Stacie, I have just got myself a new job and I am moving from retail into an office based role. Can you please give me some ideas on what 'office wear' outfits I can create? I still want to look fashionable and not too frumpy.." 

Here are 5 different takes on smart 'office appropriate' wear, that will keep you looking stylish and relevant. As opposed to going crazy with shapes that may be too much for work, or just be a one day wonder, I have chosen key pieces in different colours, finishes and textures toadd interest to your look.

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  1. YOu are right that clothes are very appropiated to wear in an office! I'd like to see you wearing some of this nice pieces :)
    The black high heels are great! And I've just felt in love with the wine colour


  2. LOVE the nude colored dress paired with the burgandy blazer ! Great choices and SO helpful for anyone starting an office job x

  3. Just love your blog ! Very interesting !

    Love this selection too , specially the nude dress

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