Sunday, 30 October 2011

My week!

Hello everyone! Despite my best intentions I once again was a bit rubbish and didn’t get around to blogging this week. I’ve been trying to make the most of my weeks holiday, but also I have had my whole room turned upside down due to redesigning it. It is nowhere near finished and I have been STRESSED.OUT. Anyhow! I did take some pictures this week of what I’ve been wearing and buying and doing etc, So I thought I’d just share all this with you in one post!

Monday- I can't remember what I did, but this is a (slightly ridiculous) outfit I was messing about with!

Tuesday-  I went to the Bullring with my sister and met an old friend and her new boyfriend. Me and my sister went for tea at Ed's diner in Selfridges which opened earlier this week. It's really cool, reasonably priced and the food is quality. If you are from around here or are going to Birmingham, I'd definitely recommend it, especially if you're into American stuff and the diners over there.

Wednesday- I went into town and saw family. I wore my new boots, which I LOVE!
That evening I met up with my girls for wine and a naughty McDonalds. I wore my fur to keep be nice and warm whilst hanging out in the outdoor area. (Sorry for the rubbish picture!)

Thursday- I spent most of the day sorting stuff with my room out and caught up with my best friend. I wore my new grey leather trousers which I found for £15 and my new white shirt which was £7, bargain outfit! 

Friday- I went here there and everywhere. it was cold but really bright so I took the opportunity to wear my Ray Bans!

These are 2 of my new bargain necklaces, the jewelled one was 3.50 and the stag was 2.50 I think- both from New Look!

 When I got home my sister took these..

The turban was £1 from Miss Selfridge. Love love love that colour right now.

Saturday- I went back to the Bullring- and Ed's! (I can't keep away...) but this time with one of my girls, I didnt buy anything, but this is what I wore...

Today I have been to the tip, B&Q and Wickes, so I've been busting about in an outfit I'm not proud of and luckily there is no photographic evidence of!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their week, that's all for now becaaaaaauuuuseeee, IT'S X FACTOR TIIIIME!


  1. absolutely LOVE the grey trousers and white shirt outfit! where are they from?x

  2. girl you dress so well. i have complete and utter wardrobe envy! x

  3. You are so inspiring. my favorite look must be the one with the grey pants + long man shirt and pink nails. AND CHANEL BAG. goooorgeous

  4. where is the fluffy jumper from? i love it!

  5. Looks like a lovely week! You're a very chic dresser.

  6. Mm I love American diners, that looks so good and so reasonably priced!

  7. i love all of these! your belt is to die for x

  8. Ahhh that fluffy-looking top! I'm in love with it, where from?! Your outfits here are all great! x

  9. Literally love everything you wear, can I have your wardrobe please? x


    Stace you need to inform me of:
    1) where your white/cream shirt is from
    2) where your fluffy jumper is from

    Pleaseeee :) xxxx

  11. In love with your boots and the grey leather trouser outfit. That shirt is amazing... Where is it from?

    Penny x

  12. Hi darling, lovely outfits, sounds like you had a good week. following your blog its fabulous

    Eda ♥

  13. OMG you look amazing, I honestly would wear each and every one of these outfits!
    That's f21 jumper is amazing & I love the black fur coat, black and gold outfit! xo.

  14. Lovely outifts! I have the same ring as you!
    Poppy x

  15. Love these outfits! The maxi skirt and burgundy top is beautiful x

  16. Oh I just loveee your style!! Great taste, and blog!! You have jus won a new follower :))
    If you have time check out my blog and follow me too if you like what you see!

    Thanks so much!

  17. Love your style! Bought those RiverIsland boots this weekend! They are amaaazing!!!


  18. Like the Outfits & your blog, awesome.
    Thanks for following :)

  19. Hiii! ooh i love the outfit with the white shirt/grey trousers! like others before have said, please inform me where they are from!! Especially the white shirt for 7 pounds! :D Thanks! :D
    XOXO Kasia

  20. beautiful shirt girl! I think that u have a great style!
    following u now!

  21. oh my word.. Moschino belt. sigh... love your outfits

    :) x