Sunday, 24 April 2011

Catch Up.

Hello everyone, I'm sorry it's been a while! Basically the last ten days since I have posted have pretty much consisted of; work, eat, sleep, work eat, sleep, etc! and the days that I have had off I've been making the most of with friends/family/the boy, but now I am temporarily back with a little post to show you what I've been up to, buying and wearing.

Tuesday 12th: What we wore.

That day Me, my Mom, Sister and Boyfriend went out for breakfast. I took a picture of what my sister was wearing too because I thought she looked cool in her Next/New Look ensemble!

Blazer: New Look
Orange Tee: New Look
7/8ths: River island
Satchel: Miss Guided
Brogues: Next
Necklace: ASOS

What I wore to work
Saturday 16th- Cheshire Oaks

Me and the boyf decided to take a trip to Cheshire Oaks last Saturday for a little adventure/day out. It was a really nice day, although I was disappointed at the stock in the place itself. There was anything particularly good, nor that cheap, in my opinion. Also, there was the most annoying/infuriating woman that worked in 'The Original Penguin' shop, who was (very loudly) ranting about her boyfriend for (wait for it) NOT BUYING HER PRESENTS! Bitch deserves nothing! I hated her. Anyway, back on track...
here is what I wore:

 and here is what I bought...

Cream Faux Leather Tee: £6, Brown suedette vest: £10- both Next Clearance.

When I got home, I opened up the April edition of Elle magazine to find a practically identical Cream Leather top from Topshop for £45, I was chuffed!

Charmaines Birthday- What I wore

For my friend Charmaines birthday we went to a really cool American Diner for tea, I had French toast, bacon strips and syrup. By the end of it I was even dipping chips in the syrup. When in Rome...
In the outfit (and the dirty poser) picture I am sporting my new Lipstick. I have been after a nice nude lipstick for a while, but I'm not really one to buy make up. However, on an impromptu shopping trip with my sister in the day, I decided to treat myself to this Revlon badboy. I really like it.

Work Uniform

Over the past couple of weeks I have also started to build up my 'Work wardrobe', so I thought I'd share with you a few things that I have got. I have to wear entirely Jane Norman and the size 6's are rare so I get what I can, when I can! Jane Norman have very recently got new buyers in and are having a bit of an image revamp so next time you're on a shopping trip it's worth popping in to have a look. If you cba, I'll probably do a little post on them pretty soon with my top picks!


Yesterday after work I met up with my best friend for a catch up and a spot of shopping. I wasn't intending on buying anything but I have been after a nice white/cream blazer for a while and when I found this one I thought I'd make the most of her having a student discount card! I'd still got the £50 Topshop voucher my girls had bought me for my birthday (yes that's right, I had it a whole month before I spent it!) so I used that to treat myself. it has two button on the front and the back which I am going to take off because I don't like them- they're ugly and make the jacket look fussy. I'm going to either replace them or leave it bare- probably the latter. 


Today I have been having a big spring clean of my room and en suite which included dusting, hoovering, tidying and throwing away a lot of shit. I also packed away some of my fur as I'm hoping I won't need it for a while now! Plus, it's given me more space on my rail for more summery clothes (which I have somehow managed to collect a lot of lately!)
I also had a sort out of some shoes, putting some in boxes and my work flats on my little shoe tree- instead of my being dashed all over the floor like they were before. I'm pretty pleased with how my room looks now (still a lot of shit though, I know!). 

Finally, I'm going to wish you all a happy Easter and leave you with this little card that my Nan made for me :)
Isn't it cute <3



  1. Happy Easter, girl!! I loved everything about this post!! Your sister is so cute! =) I love your style a lot! <3

  2. i just adore your outfits. and that little closet set up is great!

  3. are all those blouses from Jane Norman? If they are i'm definately going to go in more often!! x

  4. Wowzers are those tops really from Jane Norman, I'm impressed! Lovely outfits as usual! x

  5. the stuff from jane norman is really nice, definitely not the tat i remember from years and years ago! will have to have a look next time i'm in town...

  6. Fab post!! Can't believe the gorgeous JN blouses, their stuff has definitely improved! x

  7. Lovely room, great clothes!

  8. babin' outfits, such a inspiring fashion blog. I'm impressed! Now following :)


  9. The necklace from the first photo is great and your sheer blouses are fab. I want this with the floral print.

  10. thanks for the webshops, they're kinda cool! and you're lucky with those two cheap vests, like them a lot!

  11. i work at jane norman to! i love the newest stuff x