Monday, 7 February 2011

Good girl gone Burberry.

I don’t usually like to go mad with catwalk reports and designer heavy posts but when I saw Burberry's new S/S ’11 collection I felt excited. Usually Spring fills me with dread and shops fill up with florals, washed out denims and hideous browns, it’s all very pretty, but not at all very me. Then came along Christopher Bailey (now there's a man...) and turned it all around, sending model after model out in all my favourites; leathers, studs, snake and leopard print, nudes and my beloved black, with pops of colour via waist cinching belts and clutches.
Not only are they all my favourites, they are all things which I can guarantee we all have at least one of  in our wardrobe from previous seasons with a little s/s 11 twist, yes?
To me this collection makes a stand against (being poor and having no money to do a big SS shop) & all the girls who insist of pretty pastels and florals as soon as Mr Sunshine shows it’s face- or as soon as Asda start selling Easter eggs. Burberry has offered us an alternative, a much needed one, as well as inspiring me to go all D.I.Y again and start studding up (watch this space).
Hurray for big CB!
My Picks

Nude leather jacket: Topshop, Leather pants: Topshop, Stud ring: Topshop, Green Belt: ASOS, Leopard top: Topshop, Clutches: Topshop, Leopard dress: Lipsy, Snake Kimono: Topshop, Beige trench: H&M, Blue belt: ASOS, Black V cut wedge: Office, Black studded shoulder biker: Miss Selfridge, Blush wide belt: ASOS, Stud ring: ASOS, Purple origami dress: Miss Selfridge.

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  1. Wow, that's surprising. Very bright colours for Burberry. I got used to Burberry in classical colours, navy, black, brown, beige. But this collection...yeah, a bit of craziness and fun, but still these fab classical coats. Haven't seen this collection yet, thanks for posting.