Thursday, 6 January 2011

Purchases/Updates/What I wore.

It's only 6 days in and this year seems to have already been mental.
Thank you to everyone who formspringed me blog feature idea's. I really appreciate it and will definitely get on it asap. Thank you to everyone who have formspringed me regarding styling, etc. I will be getting on to it as soon as I get more of a chance to sit down but at the moment, life's a bit mad regarding family situations, & I like to put time and effort into them all. Hopefully by next week things will have calmed down a little.

Anyway, in my last post I forgot to include a couple of little buys, and since then I have got a few more things too (whoops!) so here they are!

 I picked up this large clutch from British Heart Foundation for £3.99! It's black patent (<333) with gold detail on the clasp, and is a fair size, therefore everything I enjoy in a bag!

 I got these little nail polish remover wipes from New Look, initially I only picked up 1 pot as the sticker said they were £1, however when scanned they were 25-50p so I got 3 pots (but gave one to my Mom). The zebra print ones smell a bit like yogurt but the leopard ones are quite fruity, more importantly, the packaging is cute therefore they are a winner.
 These coated Moto shorts are my bargain of the day! I have been after a pair of leather shorts for SO long now, but can't get any to fit me, so when I saw these coated denim ones I was quite chuffed. Initially they were in the sale at £15 down from £30, but I couldn't get my size, however today, I saw they had been reduced to £10 and fit me. Got involved with a bit of cheeky student discount (thanks BF) and got them for £9!
 Finally, my little elephant ring! Initially £8, it was down to £4 the other day but I couldn't be bothered to queue, then today I found it had been reduced again down to £1. Snapped it up!

I think I have learnt a fair lesson with this sale shopping malarkey this season. it pays to wait! I have got quite a few things now that I had seen at the start of the sales, but waited and got them for even less!
However, don't do this with things you genuinely have your heart set on, because if it were to sell out you'd be devastated. Trust me!

What I wore today:

Finally, here is a photo my friend Freya took on Christmas eve of me. I love it. (because you cant seen my hideous drunken face...)


  1. love it, love it !

    with love,

  2. I really Love it.!!

    Everthing is perfect!

  3. Ooh you've got some massive bargains! i've had the same problem with leather shorts so ay have to invest in some denim ones like you, absolutely love the leopard print boots from the post below too,


  4. Your outfit is gorgeous and you got some really great bargains! I really need to try and get some nice smelling nail polish remover pads myself.

  5. Love all the photos, and wanting the patent brogues so bad! x

  6. Love the 3 watches... in that case, more is definately more ;) xo

  7. I love your all black outfit! Very cute!

  8. I heart British Heart Foundation! Always good for a bargain. Also love that wee elephant ring, where's it from? x

  9. love your blog, i want all of your clothes!!! i thought you might like to know that i just awarded you with the "trendy blog award" :)

    check it out!

    eden from creativelovechild


  10. oh i looove the last one! beautiful pictures;)

  11. I've always been the weirdo who hangs around sales towards the end when everything's dirt cheap, yet yu can sometimes find gems if you look hard enough :)

    The last image is gorgeous, I love the watches x

  12. love those gold watches!


  13. Love the shorts they were an amazing price!
    The nail polish remover wipes look great to - i want to try them out.
    The watches look so nice!