Sunday, 16 January 2011

how do you get your hair so nice in a middle parting? what products do you use

My hair is the one thing I really ought to take care with because I don’t really do much with it! I wash & condition my hair every morning so I rarely have the time to do much else with it after drying, as chances are I am running late.
After towel drying I spray on a generous amount of Pantene ‘Aqua Light’ nourishing mist to help to add moisture as well as detangle my hair- as its very dry from colouring. I then use Pantene ‘Repair and Protect’ serum to help my sad ends! After that I use a wide toothed comb to comb my hair forward from my crown ad then try to split it down the centre. I then leave it to dry more while I do my make up! After that I blast it with my hair dryer normally then toward the end of the drying process with my head upside down to speed it up and add volume.
Then I spray a TINY! Amount of oil sheen on my ends to stop them looking too dry and spray over some Elnett to mess it up a bit and to tame fly away bit of hair.
On days when my hair might need freshening up, I use Batiste ‘Diva’ dry shampoo as it smells the best and also lightens my scary roots!
I hope this helps, hair is not my forte! xxx

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