Sunday, 16 January 2011

Hi, love your blog! I bought a black velvet skater skirt yesterday (mainly because it was £3) and i just wondered, what would you wear with it? thanks :D xxx

Thank you :)
Here are 3 outfit ideas I have put together.

Outfit 1 has a grunge feel to it. The jumper should fall over the waist of the skirt with the belt sitting on the waist over the jumper.
Wear this with a smoky eye and messy hair to really compliment the outfit.  
Outfit 2 has a more romantic feel to it, which will be great for the spring. I have chosen different types of nudes and rose hues to soften the black skirt.
Wear the tee tucked into the skirt and accessorize with pretty necklaces.
Outfit 3 is a bit more quirky and fun with the print and the bright envelope clutch (turquoise is a great colour pop this SS- think Burberry). This can be worn with or without black tights for a simple young, smart look.

Skirt: New Look
All other apparel and accessories: Topshop
All Footwear: Office


  1. i love the first outfit! and the pale pink of the tshirt in the second <3

  2. Lovely ideas :-) Especially love the 2nd outfit :-D x

  3. I love how you styled the skirt! Great job <3