Thursday, 16 December 2010

hi, i have bought some leather shorts from topshop, and have no idea what shoes to wear with them, have you any ideas? i will be wearing them for my work xmas meal, and going to pub with friends. thankyou. x

First of all, I am SO jealous of your shorts! I want a pair so bad hah!
I think they are perfect for day or night providing you dress them appropriately.
In terms of footwear, I would opt for something chunky, boyish or an ankle boot. Here are a few of my ideas:


  1. heey my new reader xDD
    hmm I would say the highest heels you have!!
    but shorts in winter?!
    isn't it a little bit too cold??


  2. Fashion over function ;)

    I think they look great with a high denier tight, which makes them alright for the winter!

  3. Ooh, niice shorts. Casting my mind back to winter (not so hard as this is the coldest summer EVER over here) I would pair these with some patterned knit tights for warmth, with some chunky heels like the ASOS lace up ones. Then, because I can never be very practical when I dress, I would wear a girly, soft floral blouse and tuck it in. Then maybe a nice warm coat (jusr because otherwise you'll die of hypothermia) and top it off with some metallic accessories, like a thin, gold hippy garland to match the zips :)

    That's just one version though. I'm sure these will be very versatile (if not functional).

    Love Steph

  4. ooooooh a pussy bow blouse xxxx

  5. wonderful shoes! I love them! ;D
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  6. I would opt for a silk or another fluid fabric shirt or for the day a denim shirt.
    Patterned tights scare me.

  7. I love the shorts, I would wear them with either the Topshop wedges or the Office flats!

  8. i would wear the topshop wedges. perfect for the leather shorts :)

  9. o god, what an amazing list. I want it all!
    I love you blog bytheway


  10. I would vote for either the wedges or the Asos clogs - the clogs would be great since everyone is still hyped with the wedge-trend :)

  11. gorgeous shoes.xx

  12. Lovely blog!

  13. Hi there,
    stunning shoes! We really like those from Topshop.
    Keep it up with your blog and thanks for sharing!
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