Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas/sale shopping in photographs.

 My Christmas jumper from Mommy.

 My £7.99 bargain boots, from my fave little Birmingham shop.

 One of my MANY leopard print gifts...

 My Next sale ballet flats: £15, down from £35.

 Mega platforms, £15 down from £30.
 My cousin gave me these because I loved them.

 Brogues! Next sale, £20 down from £45.

 Bits n Bobs.
 This top looks lush on. Topshop sale £10.
 Next blouse, £15 down from £32- bit too pretty for me but  it reminded me of Miu Miu!

 Red blazer my BF bought me, Topshop.


 ASOS pre Christmas bargain blouse £14.40 down from £32 in their 2 hour sale.

 Fur stole, Next sale. £7 down from £14 (chuffed because I had been wanting needing this for a while).

 H&M Christmas gift.

 Shoe tree! haha.

 SEX IN THE CITY! ha! Anyone would think I'm a fan of Sex and the City...

 Miss Selfridge sale panther earrings!

 My new bird! He's called Theadore. (99p Dunelm <3)

 My fabulous secret santa from Laura! 

 I dunno why I bought these other than they were leopard print & £2.

 My Christmas beauty presents. Love Love Love.

and finally, a tanning sack! Basically you tan up then sleep in this in your bed so the tan doesn't stain your sheets. Genius.

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas & got lots of lovely things! XXX


  1. Yes! Love it all, especially the sack!

    Good sale buys too I needed you with me today! xxx

  2. Great items, I love the leopard print heels. :)

  3. ooh great stuff! I got the sex in the city perfume too in a big set LOL, I deffo need one of them tan sacks its the first time iv heard of them


  4. Holy, so much fun & pretty all in one post! I LOVE your printed blouse, and those panther earrings are awesome! Gorgeous stuff!

  5. I have similar items like that fur stole and the very first top you posted. These are fabulous finds, mama! :)

    Thanks for following me, by the way. I'm following you now. <3

  6. loving the leopard and loving your style!

  7. Now that's what I call a fantastic haul of goodies! I NEED to get into Next to grab one of those fur stoles x

  8. Love it all, I'm jealous :)

  9. The tanning sack is a great idea... and those leopard pumps in the next sale are lovely x

  10. Super schöne Fotos und alle outfits sehen klasse aus !

  11. I'm so jealous of the fact that you always look beautiful!
    you got some amazing things, lucky!
    Especially love those brogues and mega platforms!

  12. i'm going to Birmingham tomorrow and I'm intrigued to hear where your fave shop is! love all what you got x

  13. Thanks for following me sweetie. Love that shoe tree, I actually need one!

  14. Wow you got some great deals! I love those Mary Jane platforms :)

  15. Hey Stacie! You lucky thing, looks like you got spoiled at Christmas! ...I gave you "The Stylish Blogger Award" (http://belleblush.blogspot.com/2010/12/stylish-blogger-award.html) on my blog! Hope you like it! Happy New Year doll! x

  16. Would u believe that we got the same f**king shoe stand for Christmas?! It def can't hold 18 pairs though! Lovely sale stuff too, I've been too ill to go shopping yet :( x

  17. Stacie your shoe collection is amazing! I especially love your new black platforms and of course the leopard print too :)
    I've seen those tan sacks before, what an amazing kinda haha! Perfect for all us fake tan junkies :) You got some lovely things in the sale, congrats! Where are those leather leggings from? I NEED a pair!


  18. Hey ! I'm french girl and i love your blog! Kisss

  19. Your new buys are amazing! Although I'm slightly gutted, seeing I've just bought the Next stole and jumper full price 2 weeks ago!

    Love your blog; I'm now following x

  20. Love your outfits, very edgy, girly but yourself ah ah
    And the shoes, oh my!!!!!

  21. Love the shoes!!

    xxx S


  22. I love everything you got for christmas and in the sales. That asos blouse is gorgeous and a bargain. Your blog is amazing and so is your style. Thanks for following my blog, really appreciate it :) x

  23. Your looks are all great here! I love that shoe organizer!

  24. These are fantastic photos! Love all of them!!!

  25. that HAS to be the greatest secret santa gift.
    i love that man's blog. and yours too now, since I found it :D

    will be reading it often,

    -amy :)

  26. great shop!!! love the leopard nail..i painted my nails with this print on my own but they werent really well...here there are some photos!