Thursday, 18 November 2010


What I wore.

I went shopping with my Mom & Nan today, the weather was rubbish, so I just wanted to be warm and comfy. I took my new Mulberry for Target bag out to perk me up.... Worked a treat.

What I got.

I was a lucky girl today and got a few little treats, some for Christmas, but some for now. Here's what I have for now.

These eyelashes come in a set of 5 and are copies of the Girls Aloud original eyelashes, only these are £4.99 for the whole set and the G.A ones are more than that a pair! I chose these two for now (for my upcoming night out!) and have the other 3 for Christmas.

I also got these nail gems, because I am dying to try out the jewel encrusted nail look, yet refuse to go to a nail salon to pay ££££££££ to get them done! This set was £2.50 from Home Bargains (as are the lashes). BARGAIN OR WHAT!?
(all going well I shall do a post on how it turns out!)

Finally, my lovely Nan got me this clutch. I'd been 'uhming' and 'ahhing' over it for a while now, but today & tomorrow Dorothy Perkins have an 'Up to 30% off everything' sale, and this was one of the items that actually had the 30% off, so I got it. I'm going to wear it with my scalloped edge camel top and my new purple tassel stilettos (I think).

So, other than buying socks, mint poppets & other nonsense, that was my day!


  1. i really like your outfit and the clutch :)

  2. Love that bag in your outfit photo!

  3. thank you :)

    I was unsure about keeping it, but I'm glad I did. xxx

  4. Cute outfit! I really want a pair of those eyelashes!