Saturday, 20 November 2010

Katie Waissel

My most current style crush is the X Factors Katie Waissel.
There is obviously a lot of controversy about her and the country seems to have taken a great disliking to her, however I liked her from the moment she walked on the stage resembling a little 80's Madonna!
Not only do I think she actually has a lovely voice (Cheryl needs to pick her some decent songs...) but her style, more importantly, is even better.
Her style is essentially vintage based (her parents own a boutique in her home town- lucky girl!) with hints of other trends such as grunge, glamour and geek. It is adventurous as well as being realistic and current, and that is what I love most. (as well as her hair)
Big love for this one.
(for more images click here.)

Steal her style.

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  1. i think she's ever so beautiful and stylish! its a shame the public hate her, because i think she's fab!
    love this post!
    courtney xx

  2. i always thought she dressed lovely and really great throughout the season. i can't believe people are so upset, she can't help it (that people voted!) i too enjoy her voice.

  3. I agree with you I think she has something in her voice that makes her special, and she has such a great great style. I'm not from the UK but I heard that loads of people loathe her (for no reason I think it's more of a crowd effect)
    Great post, I'm always keen when I see your blog is update. I'm such a groupie!

  4. i have to admit i do LOVE her style i think she looks amazing in everything she wears :)

  5. I loved her style, and she's so stunning although wasn't so keen on her. But now she's had her statement locks completely cropped off and has a sort of Emma Watson look. Not sure what to think of it...x

  6. I loved her look in her first audition.
    Great blog, im a new follower btw =]

  7. Please tell me you love the blonde hair though, im not a massive fan of the brown! lol. x

  8. lovely stuff!