Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Leopard print nails.

When Lauren Conrad tweeted a photograph of her freshly done leopard print nails a few weeks back, I literally fell in love.
How beautiful do they look!
It inspired me to make more of an effort with my own nails and to experiment a bit. Here are some photo's of my attempts on my Mom, my little sister and myself:

What you'll need:
  • A base Colour
  • A contrasting colour for the leopard spots
  • A liquid eyeliner (I used a Collection 2000 one as they are cheap and the nib is brilliant for precision)
  • A clear topcoat
 What to do:
  1. Make sure your nails are clean and dry.
  2. Apply a thin coat of your base colour on your nail and allow to dry thoroughly.
  3. When dry, apply a second coat to ensure an even colour and again, allow to dry completely.
  4. Take the contrasting shade, scrape away excess polish from the brush and gently scatter small dots over your nail (do this with the brush touching the nail, as opposed to having the polish drip from a height, as this will lead to lack of precision, as well as the dots being far too thick, therefore not drying properly! You can do as little or as many dots as you like, depending on the print you wish to achieve.
  5. When the dots are completely dry, take the eyeliner and carefully draw little squiggles/curves around the dots to achieve the leopard print spot.
  6. Leave the eyeliner to dry (I usually leave them for about 10minutes) to avoid smudging.
  7. To seal the colour and print, apply a thin layer of clear top coat, and when dry apply a second layer. 

    Do this when you are watching TV or a film, so you are relaxing and not using your hands for anything allowing it all to dry, avoiding smudging.
    Oh, another tip, when I say TV, I am ruling out The X Factor, the programme is too intense for me and I get shakey, which resulted in my print on my own nails looking terrible! I'd imagine a horror movie may have the same effect....

    Let me know what your opinions are on this everyone, and if you try it yourself, I'd love to see your end results!


    1. OMG! What a coincidence. I did a leopard print on my nails today/yesterday. However, yours look much better than mine! HAHA...
      I'm quite sure mine are the dodgiest leopard print nails that have ever surfaced the earth! HAHA!
      I hope all is well. :)

    2. I'd love to try this, I'm just not sure I have the patience!? xo

    3. i did a post on this too :)
      i like the colours you used for yours!

    4. ive seen a couple of people using liquid liner so i really want to try this now, they look REALLY good! xx

    5. i love the nude nails. amazing! Thanks for the tip I am going to try this and blog about it too! Loving your blog


    6. Hi,

      Not sure if you've been to my blog before, but it has been brought to my attention that your liquid eyeliner leopard nail art post seems to have been inspired by my original idea. I am the only person on youtube and was the first in the blogosphere to have posted 'leopard print liquid eyeliner' nail tutorials.
      If you did receive any inspiration from my nail tutorials, or one of the other blogs that has used my tutorial and credited me, I really think you should credit this. It is unethical as a blogger to claim credit for someone else's idea.
      If you are 100% certain you woke up one day and decided to use liquid eyeliner to create leopard nails, that's fine and I apologise.

      Sorry to be a negative nancy, but I don't like people claiming credit for ideas that weren't theirs. Sorry!


    7. Hi.
      This idea was nothing to do with you or your blog, if it was I would have credited you.
      It was in fact suggested to me by Editor Emily O'brien (, whom I worked alongside at BNTM- feel free to contact her regarding the matter as perhaps she read it on your blog, yet failed to reference you during our conversation on said subject?
      I appreciate your concern, although I don’t appreciate the condescending manner to which the comment descended to. Although your advanced apology is accepted.

      Kind regards.

      Ps. Your leopard print is better than mine anyway, dont worry yourself.