Friday, 5 November 2010

I was just wondering as a person knowledged on fashion you think this ensemble would be physically attractive. Head: Flat cap, Bridge piercing, Black thick frame glasses, shaggy beard. Torso: Band tee, Denim coat. Legs: Canvas Olive pants. Feet: Dirty.

Whatever makes you happy...
However, a few pointers-
1. Are you male? If not, lose the beard.
2. Wash your feet.
3. Swap the denim for a Barbour style quilt.
4. Don’t get a ‘Carpe Diem’ tattoo or a chest piece to complete your look.

Ask me anything


  1. Ah man, don't choose a barbour, it's way too on trend!

  2. (I know him...) He needs a bit of trend in his life, everything else is far too 5 years ago, plus quilts are warmer!haha

    You have a point though, shame silly loser boys wear them! xx

  3. bahah your response to the beard was the best. :]

  4. I think I am sick of them because ALL the boys in my college wear them..and with the side parting slick hair! They aren't actually that bad ha!

  5. just read you r post below - no matter hpw i try and style my peg leg trousers i just end up looking like im in a tesco uniform lol xxx

  6. lol,love your blog!thanks for following mine!

  7. hey, i got a new blog. :)