Friday, 5 November 2010

I recently bought a pair of olive green hareem trousers and no matter what I try nothing looks good do you have any suggestions? I'm kind of a rock chick sort of Hayley Williams-esque thanks x

Hello, I’ve gathered together a few pieces here which I think you can mix and match and work well with your pants (I know the ones you mean and I am terribly jealous, they are beautiful!)
I think the wine shade will look great with the pants as it’s quite vampy. However this needs to be teamed with other bits to break it up and tone it down (such as a belt & jacket- note, keep them black and simple), here I have chosen two black jackets which I think would work well with it, as well as all of the other tops I have chosen. I think sometimes instead of playing with colours, it’s easier to play around with textures, which is why I have chosen the velvet tee and the crepe style vest, both having that a rocky edge. The striped top and the skull tee are perfect for teaming with a leather jacket and some flats for a perfect day look. For the evening (or day if you’re a hero in heels) I think the chunky black leather ankle boot would look great with the trousers, however for a more practical shoe, these leopard print boots are fabulous, as they are 100% on trend but can be worked in well with the rock/grunge look. Let accessories play an imporatant role in your outfits, as they can really ‘make’ it. I think a leather slouch bag studd detail is perfect for this kind of style, as well as a good black leather belt. The suede multi-stranded necklace again plays with textures whilst being simple and would be a great finishing touch to an outfit. To keep it fun, experiement with overly grunge small pieces of jewellery such as the earrings and the skull knuckle duster.
I hope this helps. X


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