Thursday, 28 October 2010

Missguided Nail Splash review.

So, the lovely people at sent me one of their new ‘nail splash’ polishes for me to try.

These 13ml bottles come in 6 different catwalk inspired shades, and are priced at £5 (A bargain, I know!)

MissFit – classic black with a sparkly gold shimmer.
MissChievous – vibrant coral.
MissUnderstood – classic deep red.
MissBehave – cotton candy pink.
MissCellaneous – nude delight.
MissDemeanor – pop pink. 

I chose ‘MissUnderstood’- a deep classic red, as I’m a huge red nail polish lover, and was intrigued by the deeper, more glamorous hue, as opposed to my usual bright shades that I tend to wear.
I will wear this shade to add a touch of colour to my camel and denim, and red is also the perfect complimenting colour to leopard print, which, as you all know, i

Prior to writing this, I have been testing this nail polish for a few days- on my travels, work days and a nail biting experience of mastering the London underground alone...just to really see what I think of it, how well it works and if it really is as great a suggested. After putting it to the brutal test, I can confirm that it really is!
First of all, aesthetically, it ticks all the boxes- the bottle is appropriately shaped and sized, with cute lace printed images on its exterior. Secondly the brush isn't too long, allowing more precision than a lot of other nail polishes. The bristles are soft and not too thick providing an even coat, as well as preventing you from making an absolute mess. I also liked the consistency of the polish, as in my opinion, it’s fantastic- not too thick and clumpy but not so runny that it applies translucent.
The polish dries quickly and evenly, and requires only 2 thin coats to achieve perfect coverage and a surprisingly high shine (as confirmed by Mother who said, “ooh isn’t it lovely and glossy”, a woman who knows her nail polishes!) making it perfect for that 'Hollywood glamour' red nail.
In technical terms, it’s also important to add that these lovely little polishes are all formaldehyde and toluene free which is kinder for the nail and the formulation is also anti-yellowing so it won’t stain the nail! What more could a girl ask for! Get yours HERE! GO GO GO!


  1. that is a new brand i will have to look into.
    quite a pretty red polish and the bottles are adorable.

  2. love that colour, i've been wearing red for last few weekends, in love with it!

  3. super cute! i love the red nails! :)

  4. cte colour :)))


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  6. this is great! i've been trying to find a red nail polish which stays on and remains bright and bold for ages :)

  7. Hi, just came across your blog, thank you for following me :) I'm not following you too!

    Can't believe you got to work at BNTM! So jealous. Your photos look so good.

    Great blog :) x