Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Beauty spot.

I generally don't do this on here, but I'd like to share with you a few of my recent beauty finds, purely because I love them so much.

First of all, I know it has HER face on it, but this Elnett hairspray is brilliant! Not only does the packaging match my bathroom, but it is also one of the best hair sprays I've ever used, it goes on really fine and holds really well, and doesn't give that hard almost gelled look when you spray it on. Even when you go a bit wild, like I have been known to do. (back in the days like this: 
...yes, yes, I know.)

Anyway, secondly, my new Bourjois nail polish, what a dream! The picture doesn't really show the colour well but the best way to describe it is sludge. It's not to every ones taste but I personally love it, as a winter alternative to my beloved summer 'greige' polish. It quick drying with a great shaped brush and comes in a very aesthetically pleasing bottle, what more could a girl ask for? (other than it being free).

Moving on to.... Batiste dry shampoo, now I use this stuff very rarely as I wash my hair every morning (bore me later with the nagging), but this stuff is a lazy lifesaver on those cant be arsed Sundays. Anyway, after using a few bottles of the pink stuff, I think it's called blush, I moved to 'Diva' (I felt it suited me more..), and I am never looking back. This stuff smells AMMAAAAAZINNNGGG, more like a perfume than some spray talc stuff for when you don't want to wash, and for the same price (99p at Superdrugs at the mo') I think it's definitely worth a try for anyone!

The new Pantene 'Aqua light' spray, is my new little wonderwoman. Adding moisture, as well as detangling (and smelling fit), this spray is perfect for after towel drying my scraggly bleached hair, giving it a little kiss of TLC. It's also very light (with a name like that, who'da thought), so it doesnt make your hair feel bogged down or greasy, and so is especially great for people with fine or greasy hair,

And finally (hurrah, might you say), my new Barry M lipstick in shade 101 (I'm lead to believe it's also known as Marshmallow?). This is really good stuff. Again, not for everyone as it is verrrrry pale, but personally I like pale more, I have thin lips and for me the focus is always more on my eyes. It adds a great colour, has no shimmer in it what-so-ever (hurrah!) and it's really moisturizing. It's my new favourite thing, and since my precious YSL palest pink lipstick ever has been discontinued, I am stocking up!

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