Friday, 14 May 2010

you may remember i asked what you thought of my prom dress/shoes. i went to buy them tonight and they were sol out so i had to get these if you could suggest a clutch you'd be a life saver the shoes are actually a light grey

I am incredibly sorry for the late repsonse.
I think those shoes will look fabulous though.
I think that you should get a clutch bag to match the colour fo the heart on the shoes.
I have had a scout around online but i cant find one to perfectly match due to it being a tricky blue and me not being able to see it very well on the image, however i would look in charity shops and vinatge stores or usually colour coordinate shoes and bag sections.
Also check on ebay!
I think pearls would finish the outfit off perfectly.

Here are some of my suggestions:

If however you struggle, I would aim for a colour that is the main shoe colour and perhaps paint you nails a matching blue! xx

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