Friday, 14 May 2010

what app's do you have on your iphone that you'd reccommend?

I LOVE solitaire, but that's not everyones cup of tea!
(and I love the Britains got talent app, because I'm a little loser).
'chic feed' is brilliant because it collects all the best images from sites like lookbook and chictopia which you can browse through quickly by just sliding to next.

I also like Zara, Chanel & net-a-porter.
and ebay is a life saver!
F network has all catwalk video's on which is cool, and NYLONmag is cool (so is following them on twitter)

I have a fun 'Hello kitty camera'

and Facebook, twitter, myspace and my 02 are also really useful.
Finally Shazam is brilliant, because if you're listening to a song and don't know what it is, it will recognise it, give you the song title and artist and then gives you an option to purchase it!

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