Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Outfit Lust List.

I thought I'd try something a bit different going forward and do my lust lists a little more outfit based, not only do I personally think this will be a little less samey, it is also closer to how my mind works as I see things and instantly build outfits in my head.
Today I've been a little more focused on how I want the weather to be, as opposed to how it currently is! As soon as Christmas is over, I am automatically lusting towards Spring pieces and getting things ready for brighter days (I am aware we haven't even had the snow yet...). All the new lines coming into stores over the past few weeks have got me really excited for the upcoming season. Not particularly in terms of 'trends' but just to freshen up my wardrobe, and maybe, dare I say it, move away from black?
Anyway, here are three looks I've made that I currently wish I had in my wardrobe, and also, maybe even the occasions (and weather) to weather them for!

 (click for larger image)

Outfit 1- I want this all so much! This shirt is now in the Topshop sale. I used the red lip and heels to add a bit of power to the outfit, as I thought the pastel embroidery on the white fabric is a bit wishy washy for me personally. A red lip is also almost an every day staple for me any these days to distract people from my tired eyes. The gold bag is from Whistles, and the sunglasses are ASOS, everything else is Topshop!

Outfit 2- I saw this jumper in Selfridges the other day and I thought it was so cute, but then when I saw it was £55 I almost choked on my Starbucks, therefore this is only to be a pipe dream piece. I'm not adverse to spending money on things- as I am sure you all know (!), but for a piece like this it just doesn't make sense to me. However! If i were to have it, this is how I'd like to wear it! I think these boots are awesome, I am so in love with the colour of them, and right tnow they are £15 on Topshop.com, which is insanely good! All items are again Topshop, aside from the duffle, which is from Zara.

Outfit 3- I can't see me being able to wear this outfit any time soon, unless someone whisks me away to somewhere far and hot, however, when surfing through the Topshop sale and finding this kimono for a cheeky £25, I was inspired and I thought it would look really cool dressed down, for a Boho kind of look.
The boots are the perfect accessory to this look and are from Zaras new collection. I think they are the perfect boot to go with almost anything, and have a really good heel height. A potential pay day purchase! The fedora is from River Island, and is a perfect piece to assist you through the A/W to S/S transition and yonder. I bloody love a good hat... The necklace is also River Island and the rose gold watch is Nikon at ASOS.


  1. Is that actually a tassle on those black boots instead of just a fringe? Pretty cool! I love the purple ones as well. I build outfits in my mind allllll the time over pieces that I see. Love seeing all the spring things you're lusting after!

    Brass in Pocket Blog