Friday, 24 January 2014

lust list come true.

I really couldnt sleep last night, and as a result, a 3am online splurge happened.
These were pretty much all things that I have been going back to and lusting over for a little bit now- and some were such bargains it would've been silly not to!

The grey slouch top was only £7 and I have always fancied one of these just to throw on. Topshop basics are amazing and an absolute wardrobe staple for me.
I saw the ribbed jumper when  I was shopping the other day and fell a little bit in love with it. I had been eyeing up the gingham leggings for a few days now ad when I saw the jumper I thought they'd make a nice laid back outfit.
I have been obsessed with the print on this playsuit ever since it first came into Topshop a few weeks ago, so when I saw they'd made a playsuit I couldn't resist. I've always favoured shorts, playsuits and pants over dresses and skirts, even for a night out, so this is great for me- I am just praying it fits well! They also have a cami and a skort in this print, which looks great together for a really bold look.
Finally, I caved in to the bird embroidered shirt that I featured on here last week! I adore it and will be wearing it with anything that I own that is similar to that featured in my outfit lust list!

I am so excited to pick all these up tomorrow!
& Note:- I am actually buying C O L O U R! Come at me Spring!

All items are Topshop.