Monday, 28 October 2013

What I wore.

Hello you lovely lot, I hope you're all well on this very wet ugly looking Monday!
I was meant to share with you this post nearly a week ago but due to various set backs, it's a little late!

Here I am wearing some faux leather joggers that I picked up about a month ago.
I'd only ever really worn these pants dressed up with some sandals and a silk cami, but I thought I'd try them with my latest pair of Nikes for a more laid back look.
The T-shirt is by Criminal Damage and reads 'Give in to me' but is printed as a play on words to suggest at a glance that it says 'Givenchy'. I really like these kind of t-shirts but I'd been seeing a lot of the same ones about and so when I saw this I thought it was a little bit different, plus, we all know I'm all about the Givenchy at the moment!
The blazers are as I said my latest additions...
I am completely obsessed with Nikes and I'm racking up quite a collection. I was feeling pretty much over Nike blazers but when I saw these I couldn't resist as they are perfect to wear with so many things for a not so obviously sporty look. I also managed to pick these out of the kids section as I'm only a size 4, so I got them for £47, as opposed to the regular £70, which suits me just fine!


Jacket: River Island
T-Shirt: Criminal Damage
Joggers: Topshop
Bag: eBay
Trainers: Nike @ JD 
Necklace: New Look
Watch: Michael Kors
Lipstick: Topshop 'Rio Rio'.



  1. yeah i hear you about those types of shirts being everywhere. you picked one ive never seen. Nice look altogether


  2. Love the look girl
    S xx

  3. Amazing outfit, love the necklace so much!! <3 <3

  4. I had no idea you were blogging again, followed!

    Love this outfit.

  5. Love your Blog and Style!

  6. I was debating on whether I should get that bag or not but now I DEFINITELY will get it! Loved your outfit! xxx