Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Because I'm addicted.

Those who follow me on Twitter or Instagram will know that I am obsessed with Topshop lipsticks right now, so I thought for those who don't I would do a little post on them to share the love. Since this picture was taken I have added to the family once more and I can pretty much say for definite that it won't stop there. Along with buying underwear, these are my new viceI.
I can safely say that these are the best lipsticks I have ever known, and if you know me half well, you'll know I do love my lipstick.
At £8 each they have great coverage, are moisturising without appearing glossy and they last for ages, which is essential for someone like me when at work.

L-R; Firecracker, Secret Admirer, Tease, Whimsical, Brighton Rock, Nevada, Ooh-La-la. The newest addition which isn't in the picture is Pillow Talk, which is a pinky-nude which is a great barely there colour.
My absolute favourite is Brighton Rock though, which is like a really vibrant raspberry, and when I'm at work I feel naked without it on.
Have any of you guys tried these? How did you find them?

Having such a high opinion of these Topshop beauties has made me excited to try other pieces from their cosmetics range. I am eager to try one of there blushers but I've never been one for a cream blush? Has anyone tried them? Let me know!


  1. Would love to see these swatched on your lips, it looks like there are some amazing colours.

    Ria x

  2. I adore the colour range by topshop, i own whimsical and love it but it drys my lips out. I love all the nude colours they do!


  3. love the topshop lipsticks, this just reminded me that I bought Whimsical a while ago and still haven't used it xo

  4. I've recently became a fan of these lipsticks myself, they are so beautiful! I've never been into cream blushes myself but I picked up 2 of the Topshop ones a few weeks back (I posted about them here ) and I'm totally sold! They are absolutely beautiful shades. Defo try them yourself!



  5. i'm obsessed with topshop lipsticks at the moment too, can't get enough!


  6. Brighton Rock looks amazing! :} xx

  7. I love the unique colors you have! Would love to try this brand too xx

  8. woah, those are really pretty shades of pink. i've never tried this brand before but i would really love to!

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  9. oh my goodness i need to add all of these to my collection! <3

  10. I'm a newbie to Topshop lipstick, owning just one, but Brighton Rock looks gorgeous and I may have to invest! I'm a massive fan of their blushes, you definitely need to try Head Over Heels x

  11. They do powder blushes too if you didn't want to use cream! I've only got one of their lipsticks and I don't use it very much...but I don't any ofthese shades and they are absolutely lovely! I love it when you find a perfect product for you and can't sto buying them xxx

  12. I love the Topshop lipsticks, I only have 3 but definitely need to buy more!

  13. The colours look so nice all lined up! :) I only own the crystal lipstick from topshop! Deff want to try some more!! :)


  14. WOW, love your style!! Love the instagram pictures!!

    I'm your new follower :)

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  15. I love Firecracker and Brighton Roch! I want to try Pillow talk too. One of my favourites is Innocent, it's a light pink with blue undertones - really pretty on! They always smell so delicious :)

  16. uhh i want to have topshop here in germany because i neeeed them o.o