Thursday, 21 June 2012

Lust list

Today I have spent the majority of my time sleeping and feeling slightly sorry for myself as I am poorly and not at work. So I decided to use my time awake slightly productively to blog again. I am currently looking hideous as I feel like I have been hit by a truck and so I thought I would share with you a few items that I have been lusting over this week. And let me say they are BEAUTIES, don't you think?!

One of my favourite trends at the moment- which you will be seeing more of come A/W 12/13 is embellishment- as seen of one of my latest additions: my cuffed denims. I think jewel encrusted pieces look so exquisite, especially when worn in a more casual way i.e, on denim, sweaters, jerseys...etc.
These A-Morir sunglasses are such a wonderful nod to this trend. They are the kind of piece I would expect to see on Dita Von Teese; Flirty, 50's and very fun. These will not only look wonderful on, but also on a neck-chain when not being worn. I would wear these with something really basic like a white shirt and jeans or just a LBD and Chanel ballet flats. The only thing that isn't so fun about them is the price. ('Lena' sunglasses: $320)
Next up are these Charlotte Olympia shoes, which I am IN LOVE with! These red platforms are an absolute dream, and I love how she has taken inspiration from the leopard she used to display her shoes to embellish these red beauties. Red, platformed and leopard... I honestly think these are my dream shoes.
These cat flats are another wonderful creation by Charlotte Olympia ( I want her entire collection), as seen on Alexa Chung and those alike, these have been knocking around for a while but I still love them. I want them for work.
Nudes: I have found myself pining over  lot of nude things as of late and these studded ballets and shoulder bag are no exceptions. I just think they are so timeless and classic but with a fun edge. I want these to wear with my trusty denims and a blazer.
The Alexander McQueen python wrap bracelet doesn't really require an explanation- just look at it. Beautiful.
And finally, this little red dress. I think this is fabulous, I want it to go out in next weekend, teamed with my black Zara sandals. (Topshop, £42).

I guess all I need now is to win the lottery.
See you later, I'm off to cry into my pillow about my swollen glands and love for the unattainable. XXX


  1. those sunglasses are the BUSINESS!!!


  2. Oh my goodness, the sunglasses are amazing! So, so beautiful!
    Love all the shoes you've picked too, especially the Charlotte Olympia heels - I love that they've got leopards on them!

    Great items, I pretty much want them all ;) x

  3. My dream pieces! They're all perfect!

  4. Oooh, like this blog!

  5. the glasses are absolutely fabulous!
    gutted by the price tag!

  6. uhhh those sunnies are so posh and fabulous!