Monday, 9 April 2012

I can't do everything, but I'd do anything for you.

Hello everyone!
How rubbish is the weather today!! I hate it when it's like this because I never know what to wear or what to do with myself.
I haven't done anything particularly exciting today other than be lazy and eat chocolate- but it's Easter bank holiday so I think that's allowed, especially when all it has done is piss it down.
Today I'm wearing a River Island blazer, Zara top, Topshop pants, Kangol sneakers and a Marc Jacobs Stam.
Also for all of those people asking, my pink skirt from my previous post is from Topshop. Ok!

Oh & here's a couple of things I have bought this week!

1. Justin Biebers new song- loving it!
2. Narsico Rodriguez for her. This is my new favourite smell! It is amazing! I got the gift set because it comes with some hand cream and a make-up bag for the same price. Yes!

Anyway, I'm going now to eat, we're having Chinese food for tea. YAWN. Sick of it...
Have a great week!


  1. You look so effortlessly flawless all the time!x

  2. Your shoes are gorgeous <3

  3. I love the shoes and your phone case, i love Justin's new song too! So catchy...

  4. I remember the Stam bag being the first bag I ever wanted sooo bad. I literally would have sold my soul for it! I love yours worn with all black.x

  5. I love the Justin Beiber song, defiently doesn't get enough air play on my way to work!


  6. Where is your phone case from? I love it! Love your bag too :) Have to admit, justin bieber has been on repeat constantly! x
    Dreams and Dresses

  7. That bag is to die for! Where is it from? :)


  8. Love your bag:)))

  9. I saw that pink skirt in topshop and nearly bought it haha:)
    love your outfit!

  10. loveeeeeee your blog dear!
    keep posting and go for it!!!


  11. Love your whole look especially the bag, I have to say I am a sucker for wearing black on black as well :), would love if you could check out my blog just started off and would appreciate the feedback. I have just started following you :), love the blog


  12. Your outfit and blog is amazing. Such a good read. I am a new follower and on instagram (@kwigg) xx

  13. I love the watches. x

  14. I liked your outfit and your headphones! :D
    You have such a lovely blog.

    I'm a new follower, follow me?


  15. i'm new to your blog, i love your fashion sense it's so casual yet you always look 'made' up and polished! somehow i can never seem to do this! and i think this is first post i've seen where you're not wearing a blazer ;) <3