Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday Slacks.

Hello! Once again this is much later than planned- it always seems like something happens on purpose to stop me from blogging until super late but here we are again better late than never!
This is what I wore today. I didn't really do much other than go to see My Mom and stuff. Oh and tidy my room because it looked like it had been ram raided.
Here I am wearing my Preen pants from the Edition line at Debenhams. I got them for Christmas but haven't really worn them other than for dossing although I got them to wear smart, but didn't have any shoes to wear them with; they need a heel but obviously not all heels are practical for day wear. especially not for me. These are the H&M ones I purchased the other day. I really love them. They were such a good buy!
The pants are so soft and slouchy and I love dressing them up to create a kind of sporty luxe look. No one else really likes them or appreciates my original vision but I like them! It was nice to wear something comfy and cosy whilst being a bit dressy and sharp at the same time. When the weather is nicer I think I am going to wear them with one of my colour pop blazers.
How has every ones week been?
Mine feels like it went really fast. I'm not even that sure on what I have done, and therefore have very little to report on right now!
The only exciting thing I have to share is that I have found a birthday dress, well, MAYBE 2. One though is a funny fit so I need to see if I can adjust it or wait for them to do it in the petite range so I can get a size 4.
The confirmed birthday dress is from River Island. I was going to show you a picture but I thought it'd be better to show you when my birthday arrives! All I will say is once again, River Island have saved my arse.


Its been pretty dry in the world of Instagram for me this week but here are a few for you to see!

Have a great week guys, my next day off is Friday so will aim to do something then if not before :) XXX


  1. Great look! Wish I could pull this off!

  2. I LOVE your mix of sporty and sophisticated, I would never think of paring those trousers with the rest of your outfit, but it works amazingly!

  3. im so jealous, i wich i could look this good in this outfit. Really love your blog, your such a pretty girl definatly an instant follow, feel free to visit my blog and follow if you like :) much love xoxxox

  4. Came across your blog today, i love it!
    love the outfit! check out my blog please?:)

    Elaine x x

  5. wowww, how you have the talent to make tracksuit bottoms look stylish is beyond me! i love this so much x

  6. I love your style :))
    I follow!

  7. hey doll - i saw you on a friends page and wanted to say that i love your blog!

    and am now your newest follower <3

    happy monday!

    1. This will always be my favourite blog! Bloody love this outfit, wish I could pull it off though. x

  8. wow love your style! great blog! maybe we can follow each other?

  9. Just found your blog and loving it :) you're gorgeous! New follower
    Charlotte Couture Blog

  10. you pull of this trend like no one else! LOVE!

  11. what do you use to do your hair that wavy style? it's gorgeous!

  12. I love these trousers! I'll be looking for a similar pair to emulate your style! x

  13. I love the idea of wearing smart sweats! Might have to check out T by Alexander Wang now I've seen this post! Totally inspired now. =D

  14. Love the way you've styled those trousers, they look so chic! need to try that out for myself. I've just started blogging and would love it if you would visit my blog. It's about fashion and jewellery and any tips would be lovely :)xxx