Sunday, 25 March 2012

It's too late to look away.

Hi guys!
Let me introduce you to my new kimono! I first saw this last summer in Sainsburys when the Gok Wan collection first launched and although I really liked it, I wasn't particularly prepared to pay £30 for something from Sainburys, Gok or no Gok, but(!) the other day I found it in my local Sainsburys sale for £9 and couldn't say no.
Here I'm wearing it with a white top just because that's what I already had on but if I were to wear it out properly I'd team it with just a black vest and my new Zara shoes (as you may have seen me posing about in on my Instagram..).
Today I met my best friend in Birmingham to hang out in the sun and made a naughty shoe purchase: some Deena & Ozzy shoes from Urban Outfitters. I'd liked them for ages and they were a bit reduced so I decided it was allowed. I tried to take a picture of them but they just came out terrible so I''ll have to show you them on.
I think I'm going to wear them for work to make going back after a week off a bit more bearable!


I haven't done a little instagram section for a while now so I thought I'd do one for you guys today! Here's some photo's from my week!

(Instagram: Missy_Elz)

I hope you all have a great week! Spare a thought for me having to go back to work...BLEURGH! XXX


  1. Your Kimono is so fashion!! U look pretty doll!! .... and your shoe collection is amazing :D

  2. wow what a barg! I saw some of his stuff had been reduced in my local sainsburys but not as much as that! Graet find and it looks amazing :-)

  3. love it. you have sooo many shoes!! x

  4. Ooh, love the kimono! The floral print is so pretty. Wow, your shoe collection! :o I'm jealous! Just followed you on Instagram :) x

  5. omg i'm in love with your shoes!
    mantenso xx

  6. the print on the kimono is so pretty and was a real bargain!

  7. Your kimono is beautiful - definitely checking out my local Sainsburys sale!

  8. So beautiful kimono! Your blog is so nice, I follow you!

    X Camilla

  9. Love the kimono ! def want one ! xoxo

  10. That kimono is gorgeous, I love the colours x

  11. Such a gorgeous kimono - the colours are beautiful. £9??? bargain x