Sunday, 5 February 2012

This, is my face.

Hello! This is just a really quick post because my plans to show you what I wore today didn't work out but I'll try and post that in the week, along with new additions.
This is my new Warehouse top. I saw it about a month ago and was really drawn to it, and since then it had played on my mind. Then last week in a morning meeting I was told that we were receiving extra staff discount for warehouse for a short period of time, so I took that as a sign to treat myself!
I haven't really bought anything lately (compared to my normal impulse buying) so it was nice to have a little pay day treat.
I can't wait 'til the weather gets nicer and I can wear it without having to cover it in layers. I have a new clutch which I think it will look sick with too!
That's all from me right now, have a great week!


  1. the top knot is so cute! what lipstick are you wearing it looks so pretty xx

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  2. LOVE that lipstick! Looks great on you. Top looks fab as well :)

  3. Fab lipstick, looks amazing on you. x

  4. Obsessed with your blog and your style!! Hope you'll follow back!