Sunday, 9 October 2011

What I've been buying.

Hello everyone, sorry I've been a bit rubbish again. I've been mainly working and messing about, so I thought I'd do a quick post on what I've been purchasing as of late, as I always seem to find myself shopping.

Today I went to the Bullring for a bit of shopping with the boyf, aka making the most of his student card whilst a lot of the big high street stores currently have 10-20% off, including Topshop, New Look, Warehouse and F21! Anyone who follows me on TWITTER may have already seen some of todays beauties!

I wasn't looking forward to Autumn/Winter in the slightest until a few weeks ago when I saw all of the fantastic prints, colours and textures coming in (& starting mulling over what I'd like for Christmas...), but now I don't think I could be more excited.

Big must haves on my list were some new ankle boots, just like everyone else's! However I have struggled to find any that I really like/aren't the price of a small house/in stock, but today I finally purchased Dunes 'Rome' boots, which I have been eyeing up for about a week in work. I liked them so much in fact, I bought both colours so now I'm officially sorted! Hurrah.

What have you guys all been buying? I always love to see what people have been spending their pennies on and how they are wearing it so link me up!

I would go into detail about all of the recent purchases Ive made but it would be hideously boring for both myself and you guys, so I'll leave it at just the pictures!
I'll try and update again with some 'what I wore' posts featuring some of my new pieces some time this week, but until then it's ciao for now (X Factor time!).



  1. unfortunately i haven't been buying anything lately... trying to save money up for a camera and tattoo.

    gotta love being a broke college student. i love this post and especially the spotted loafers/flats in the top row!

  2. Great buys! Love the shoes.
    Only thing I've bought lately is a pair of round sunnies, haha (:

  3. such cute items! i love them all, fall shopping is the best! xoxoxo

  4. those dalmation slipper shoes are unreal.