Wednesday, 31 August 2011

What I have been buying & wearing....

The majority of the items you can see here are new. For some reason I have been going pretty wild with the shopping lately. Maybe it's because I don't like my job, or because I'm poorly, or because I'm excited for my holiday or because a new season is coming up or because I'm sad the sun has disappeared or maybe just because I have a shopping problem, or perhaps, all of the above. In my defence not one item of all my new contributions have actually been over £35, which I think is pretty good going!

The yellow shirt is from New Look and I LOVE it. I love the hidden buttons and the sharp colour and the colour is perrrrrfect for A/W. I got my BF's student discount on it too so it was £13.50!
The black faux leather skirt is River Island and was the most expensive purchase at £35. It's such a lovely fit and doesn't have a nasty plastic leather look to it at all. It also comes with the belt but I will be swapping it for my trusty Moschino or my new grey vintage one to jazz it up a bit.
The earrings are Danielle Scutt for Topshop. When her range first launched, I really liked it but not enough to start throwing daft money (in my opinion) at the stuff, but I found the Lipstick earrings in the Bullring store for £4.50 so I bought them. 
The cat eye glasses are from Urban Outfitters, they are both ridiculous and fabulous but I've wanted them for ages and I found them in the sale the other day AND used my friends student discount so I managed to get them for £4.50.

The pink knitted kimono style shrug and the leopard pashmina are both from new look. I think I payed about £28 for the 2 after discount. I plan on wearing these to travel in when I go to Barcelona next week because they are really comfy and will keep me warm. I also LOVE the print of the pashmina as it's the closest to the Louis Vuitton one I have ever found and quite frankly it still hurts my little heart that I don't have one.
The black jumper is just a basic from Topshop, but it's a beautiful knit and has great drape. I live in stuff like this so I always like to add to my collection when I see one at a good price- this one was £16. 
The feather earrings were £1.50 from Primark. Tbh these were purchased due to spoilt brat syndrome. I saw a girl in work with them and got jealous so I went and bought some too, even though I will probably never wear them, but, maybe I will, so as long as there's a maybe in there, it's fine right.
And finally, my Topshop 'Juggle' heels. Or as I like to call them, DEVIL SHOES. According to reviews on the site they are comfy due to their mid heel and soft suede, well let me tell you, they are not! I had liked these for a while and when I had seen them down from £62 to £20 I thought I'd get involved. I have to wear all black to work, so I thought these would be a nice little addition to the work wardrobe and be nice to trot about the shop floor in. However, after the first few hours of wearing them I came to realise they are absolute shits and am now in the process of mentally preparing myself to wear them again, one day. BUT THEY ARE SO FITT. SAD FACE.
The leopard waterfall jersey jacket is also one of my new additions. I got it from Forever 21 for £3.99! 

Out & About!

      In the middle of writing this post, I went for a little browse on and bought myself these, because I am a swine.



  1. cute outfits, i love the second one! x x

  2. great looks..
    i love the way u mix and match it

  3. Love it! The third outfit is my fav :)

  4. leopard scarf is GORGEOUS. Need/want


  5. I love the way you've styled that yellow blouse. It looks good both tucked in and left out. Great job!x

  6. would die for your moschino-belt !! (:

    maybe you wanna visit or join my blog:

    xoxo Olja

  7. Love the new look kimono and scarf.
    Penny x

  8. absolutely love the pink kimono sooo beautx

  9. That leather jacket is beauts! The Kimono is real cute too! :)

    Jess xo

  10. Love your outfit..and I love the yellow shirt!! Have a nice week!