Sunday, 17 July 2011

Oi Oi!

Hello everyone! Missed me? No?... thought not. Well anyway, I'm back, after a month of thinking about posting and then never getting 'round to it.
I'd love to be able to tell you stories of all the fabulous things I've been doing since I've been away but quite frankly, there's not much to tell (however, if you wish to know more about my day to day routines, feel free to follow me on twitter), so instead I'm going to show you what I have been buying and wearing.

Since I last posted, I changed my hair, got new glasses (which I have only worn once)  and added to my wardrobe and shoe collection considerably.  Aside from these predominantly materialistic and shallow changes, a few major changes/hiccups have taken over the past month of my life but as they are not remotely fashion related, they are boring & don't deserve a spot on here.

First things first, I would like to introduce you to the new loves of my life. My sexy day wedges...

 I found these beauties a couple of weeks ago in the River Island sale, they were £20 down from £50 & I have been wearing them almost non-stop.

Whilst we are on the subject of shoes, I'll show you my other new additions to the family.

  F+F @ Tesco- £2.50. I love the Chanel style Camellia on these. They look better on but my tan was too patchy for that amount of foot exposure, so I'll show you another day.

 These are what I like to call my Hugh Hefner shoes. aka Topshop studded slippers, aka some of the coolest shoes I think I own. They were a present from my Mom & Step Dad. I've only had them about 3 weeks but they havent taken kindly to the English weather and are looking slightly worse for wear already :(

 I bought these beige sandals today in the next sale, they were £18 down from £38, so I figured it'd be rude not to. I think they can carry through the summer into the autumn if I just team them with some chunky socks or something, Sevigny style. (If I'm brave enough).

 & Finally, here's a little selection of new little accessory additions. These Parisian style ballets were Topshop, again, I wore them and it rained and they are now fucked. I also got blood on them but that's a different story. The spiked necklace is F21 and the parrot was from New Look sale (£3.50). The leopard bag was what my step mom picked for me from one of her carboot sale trips, I think it was a quid. I'm going to use it as a clutch.

Here's a few new pieces I've bought since Ive been away. Both the trousers were £10 from the New Look sale, the bird print blouse is Jane Norman and the dress is H&M.
I bought the dress for my friend Ali's birthday night out, I just wanted something simple and that I could wear again.  Here's a few pictures from the night:

I drank out of that yellow bucket all night!

What I Wore

 Turban & shoes- Matalan, Top- Oxfam, Trousers- New Look.

Hat- H&M Kids, T-shirt: Urban Outfitters, Capri pants- New Look, slippers- Topshop.

Kimono- Next sale (£14!), Maxi skirt- Jane Norman, wedges- Topshop.

4 eyes.

  These are my new glasses, they are FCUK & from specsavers. There's not really much more to say about them other than that they make me less blind but make me feel incredibly self conscious.

This is my new bag and I can't even explain how much I love it. Looking at it makes me feel warm inside. It reminds me of something I've lusted over in Elle magazine that has a price tag that's made me want to chose a career that my parents wouldn't be proud of, but this was actually only £19.99, which I think is really good.

Last but not least, here's a few pictures my sister took of me in the garden yesterday modelling some of my new bargains.

That's all from me for now, because  1. I've probably bored you to death as it is and 2. it's 22.09pm and time for me to go to bed (working Sundays takes its toll).
I'll try not to be gone quite as long this time but if I am, sorry in advance.
Also, if you read all this, you're cool & I like you.

Over & out! XXXXX


  1. Ahhhh, I have missed your posts! I LOVE your Topshop studded slippers, I may need to find myself a pair! ^_^ x

  2. So excited to see a post from you! Those wedges... that bag.. you've bought so many nice things! And I'm pretty sure we have exactly the same Glasses. More posts soon?? xx

  3. stacie i've missed you. dont go for this long without blogging again! as usual im very jealous of all your new purchases. i swear there's nothing that you cannot pull off! xxx

  4. missed your posts! wish i could drop on some sweet bargains like you have!
    i really love that spike necklace too xx

  5. Yay I've missed your posts! You shouldn't be self-conscious about your glasses you look fab in them. Love that H&M dress.... another to add to my wishlist... x

  6. wow all those things look amazing.. love the topshop slippers looks like you have had a right bargain hunt with all those finds!!
    your glasses look really cool, i have to wear glasses occasinonally too (well most of the time) but i feel self concious wearing them so end up squinting and looking like a div :)

  7. My goodness gracious! I am making way into your closet and raiding it! You have a superb fashion sense, chick! I am in love <3

  8. everything you got is so adorable! :) i love your style haha


  9. great outfits!!
    love your style!!
    following you:)
    kiss from prague
    you can check my blog too

  10. Love the wedges- sexy! Also really like those jelly sandals actually, v. Melissa/Westwood. That brown bag is gorgeous! Great find :)


  11. love the studded flats =]


  12. Thank you for following me! You look so lovely in glasses, don't be self concious about it! (Really want the ring you're wearing in that picture too!) Absolutely going to follow you back!

    Carly x

  13. stace!

    Wheres the bag from? I love and NEED xxxx

  14. Love the wedges and the slippers are so cool! Lovely outfits and glasses actually really suit you so don't feel self conscious. The fringe looks lovely too. Hope your well, missed your posts x

  15. Your blog is very good, my dear!
    Follow me on!

  16. You look so cute in that pink dress! Totally one of my favourite colours to wear. XOXO

  17. i like your looks!!!!...i love your pink dress!

    visit my blog and follow me if you like it


  18. kimono, tan bag and slippers LOVE!

    J x