Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Turning 22...

Yesterday I finally turned the big two two, turns out it's not as bad as I thought but I think that the blow was seriously cushioned with all the fabulous things I had and did!
I'm not sure how to really blog about yesterday so I think it's just going to be waffle and pictures!

First part of the day, I woke up at my boyfriends and had some of the morning with him before he went back to uni, he bought me this Moschino bag (I love it so so much!), some Moschino perfume & loads of chocolate (inc a Freddo egg, WITH A FREDDO TOY IN IT!!!).

After that I visited my Nan & Grandad & Uncle, and then went into town with my Mom for a little wander 'round.

What I wore.


When I got back my sister arrived home from school and gave me my cake & presents, including a few pairs of shoes <3

Later that day I went and did more family stuff with my Dad, Step-Mom, Brother, Grandma, Auntie & Cousin, oh, and had more cake. (Got to love candles...!) My Dad bought me a Vintage Moschino belt, A Rocco style bag & a toilet brush (?!!), amongst other bits and bobs!

 My little Brother bought me this Ben De Lisi dog lamp- isn't it fun! & My Step-Mom got me these little jewellery drawers.

Finally the day ended with me meeting up with my girls (minus Freya :(- but there in spirit!) at Pizza Express.

 (Jane Norman Jacket)

 (Enjoying the giant lighter my Step-Mom got me!)


Here are a few other bits I had/bought with my b'day ££££!

I also got some new mid wash skinnies & a MASSIVE clutch bag, which I'll have to show you guys in another post, I love it! 
What I wore today.

Over & Out! XXXX


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL! looks like you got spoiled... i love the moschino bag and the ben de lisi lamp! adoraaaaaaaaable! xx

  2. your presents are AMAZING! im so jel. you look absolutely gorgeous, glad you had a wonderful day! xx

  3. Are those vivienne westwood shoes i spy? x

  4. Wow, you have really good looking friends ;) xx

  5. amazing post! i love the shoes!


  6. Happy Birthday hunni, you got the best pressies ever!! how cute is that lamp, your brother has taste. Aww best your bloke his a keeper, that bag is lush I'm drooling. Looks like it was perfect xxx

  7. Great presents! Happy Birthday, looks like you had an amazing one!

  8. Woo happy birthday, good job you were spoiled :D great gifts and purchases. Love the bags!!

  9. Wow, what an awesome birthday.
    Happy Belated.

  10. Looks like you had a fantastic birthday! I wish I could request some vintage goodies for mine lol. Love the Vivienne Westwood shoes! x

  11. You lucky little thing! Happy birthday sweets xox

  12. SO CUTE. Happy birthday, darling. I'm loving everything you got for your birthday! Very cute pieces.


  13. Happy birthday, the darling! All your gifts are fine, footwear in particular! Love, beauty and all most the best!

  14. Happy belated B-day. I like the red blazer and your lamp is awesome! I wont say how much i love the shoes with the heart...


  15. I love all of these outfits, you look great. Happy Birthday.


  16. Great post, you look gorgeous! Happy Birthday :) x

  17. where can i get a moschino belt from?