Sunday, 13 February 2011

Ways to wear: Dr Martins

"I have just purchased some classic doc martens, and was wondering if you could post some outfits to wear with them? i dont want to look too butch. thanks :)"

"Hello,firstly i absolutley love your blogspot & tumblr,thankyou for following me back! (decemberbones)! and i was hoping you could give me some help,my dad bought me some doc martens patent black heels for christmas and i have absolutley no idea what to wear with them! Any Ideas? XXX" 

Ok ladies! Here are 4 looks I've created to wear with Dr. Martins/Dr Martins style boots, whether they are flat or heeled. Hopefully these 4 looks will show you how to wear them while still looking feminine, yet stylish. I hope you like! 

(Click on image for a better, bigger look// all items: Topshop)


  1. Great looks!


  2. Actually love this. My Doc Martins (heeled and otherwise) have been gathering dust the past year, think they may have to make a re appearance soon x

  3. Heyyy, love this, was just wondering, where can you get some nice, quality doc martins that are too pricey haha?

  4. Hello ,
    Do you know where can I find the camel shirt in the 2nd look please? It's so wonderful !
    Thk you very much !