Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Style Stealer: Nicole Richie/70's

"Darling Dear its @twiggymod: I'm investing in a pair of denim flares (pref dark) and wondered how I can create a Nicole Richie boho kind of look.... and also what shoes!? (I'm 5ft 7) Loves xxx"

"Recently brought these jeans (click here) +wondered what i could wear with them, Nicole Richie esque xx"

Get The Look

(All items that aren't store labelled are Topshop)
 (l-r: Topshop, Warehouse, Dorothy Perkins, Oasis, Topshop)

70's is massive right now, from celebrity style to high street, with Topshop even dedicating 2 whole collections to it. It is a look that can be achieved by even the most timid fashionsta, simply by adding a few pieces of jewellery or a scarf or a chunky heel.
Nicole is really into her Kimono style jackets, teamed with a simple white tee, which is so wearable and casual for the day, or can be hotted up for an evening with a heel. In one look you can see she is only in a tee and jeans, yet accessorizes to give it a 70's look. This is ideal if you don't want to go mad and achieve a look that's low key. In this case a large pair of sunglasses and just a plait in your hair will do the trick nicely.
Also included, are some really lovely prints- on blouses and kimonos, that really fit in with the current 70's trend. The beauty of all these tops is that you can dress them up or down.

In the denim section, I have also included a pair of skinny jeans, as not everyone- like myself, like/feel comfortable in flares, regardless of the trends. All of the above tops/shoes/accessories will work just as well with a skinny jean should you opt for them over a flare. This is a look even Nicole goes for from time to time and still pulls of the 70's look beautifully.

I hope this helps ladies! XXX


  1. Awesome post! Love this look!
    Too bad I'm to short to pull a flared jeans of, so I'll stick to that skinny you picked!

  2. THANKS BABY,:):):)
    The best post ever..made my day

    Now...kimono shopping- can I take you with me?

    massivest love. xxxxxx

  3. Thats what I like to hear!

    Always a pleasure! xxxxxx

  4. loving this post. Need to get on the flares and 70's styles pronto!