Sunday, 13 February 2011

Formspring Q&A's.

Hi Missy Elz! Can you please recommend a good silver shampoo? I've dyed my hair in the past but am back to blonde now. I use Boots natural camomile shampoo which helps it look blonde but there are still some dull, brassy undertones. Thanks!
I would highly recommend either Pro-Voke ‘Touch of Silver’ (weekly treatment) or Schwarzkopf ‘Touch of Silver’. I get mine from local Chemists and Savers and they are no more than about £3. If your struggling look on eBay (HERE). If your hair isn't overly light, use this one or twice a week, else your hair may go patchy and purple! X

What foundation do you use? x
I use Revlon ‘Custom Creations’ in light, as its dial offers 5 different shades, which is perfect for me as my skin changes shades regularly because of fake tanning, so it saves me having to buy lots of separate ones! X

What magazines do you get your fashion inspiration from? Love your blog!
Thank you :)
I enjoy reading loads of different magazines and take nuggets of inspiration from here there and everywhere, but how I put pieces together is just by natural instinct, some will like it and some won’t! Magazines like Elle & Vogue are great for knowledge on designers/catwalks though. & I enjoy reading old & overseas publications to broaden my mind. X

Favourite designer and why?
Marc Jacobs. I adore him as a character and his infamous ‘Stam’ bag was my first major splurge. I also wore one of his dresses to my second prom, so I will always have a great fondness for the man and his work.

What key pieces do you think every wardrobe should include?
• A good pair of dark wash jeans
• A few plain vests in black and white to wear under other pieces
• LBD (Cliché but standard!)
• Thick black tights
• A pair of ballet flats
• A fabulous pair of black heels
• A well cut blazer
• Perfectly fitting black trousers
• Trusty shirt/blouse
• Good fitting underwear
• Lots fun costume jewellery
• Breton stripe top
• Plain t-shirts to wear with anything!
• Black leggings
• A ‘wear with anything’ skirt. (Mines a black body-con)

What do you think is sexy?

Cleanliness, humour, mystery, well cut clothing, good posture, being comfortable in your own skin & attire and George Clooney.

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