Sunday, 23 January 2011

Ways to wear: Black harems.

I’ve had quite a few Formsprings asking me how to style smart plain black harem/peg legs trousers for various occasions, so I thought I’d put a few outfits together for day and night, showing different ways they can be worn.

 (click images to see larger size)
You can do a few simple things to the bottom of your trouser legs to alter their appearance, and change the look of your outfit.
1. Cuff the trouser. Simply turn up your trouser leg a few times. This will show of your ankle and draw attention to your shoes a little more, so is perfect if you have statement footwear on!
2. Rouch the ankle. Simply turn the trousers inside out and gather a few inches of the side where your outer ankle bone is (or even both!), secure with a safety pin. This is an easy way to adjust the trousers for an evening without it being permanent or costly.
(Trousers- Topshop, £38, all other items are Topshop unless stated.)


  1. I think the second outfit is my favourite :) I like the idea of cuffing the trouser legs too <3

  2. The fourth outfit is definitley something i'd wear.

  3. Great options, i like the last two the most :)