Monday, 17 January 2011


"A while back you posted about a load of teeth whitening kits/toothpastes you bought from B&M, did they work? xxx"

....well, in a nutshell, no not really!

Like many people, I long to have whiter teeth, however daily habits like smoking, Starbucks, tea, combined with my naturally off-white teeth, have made this all but a dream- or a lot of saving to get it done professionally.

Anyway, over recent months I have tried a few 'whitening' toothpastes, and even tooth paints (!) such as the following;

However, none of them have really made much difference.

I had considered trying out one of the more expensive whitening kits, however after watching a re-run of a Gok Wan show, on which they were tested, I decided not to bother.

One time, when talking to my Grandma about this, she told me about a French toothpaste called Email Diamant.
-It was what my Grandad used to swear by when he was going on cruises or fancy evenings out to make his teeth appear whiter.

This toothpaste is to be used no different to any regular toothpaste and essentially works by staining the gums red, which make your teeth appear whiter, as opposed to working harshly on the teeth to bleach them. 

(please try to ignore my horrid teeth!)



As you can see, the toothpaste tints not only your gums but also your lips- if you're as messy as I am... leaving your teeth appearing brighter/whiter!

During a bit of research, I have also read, that the same can be achieved by adding a tiny dash of red food colouring to your regular toothpaste, however, this I am yet to try. If anyone does experiment, please let me know how you get on!

I would say this is definitely the most effective 'teeth whitening' toothpaste I have used to far that doesn't cost the earth!
So here it is, Email Diamant, I salute you!

To purchase Email Diamant, click here!


  1. that is such a clever idea, i can definitely see a difference!

  2. Thank you for following my blog! Love yours :)
    decided to give you a follow.


  3. Hey Sweetie, you have a Blog Award on my blog.

  4. clever idea!

    with love,

  5. that's quite a neat little tooth paste, if you eat strawberries that also gives you the appearance of whiter teeth, red lipstick with blue undertones too do that.
    there are the whitening strips, that are either the clear "tape" or the trays that might be something to consider as well, if interested.

  6. Fleur de force just posted on her blog about Crest Whitening Strips, which look good!

  7. I am really interesting in finding something new which gives whiter teeth thanks for sharing your experience :)

  8. Hey, I hope you don't mind, but I have nicked your formspring idea. It's just such a good way to answer readers questions. I really like your blog and read everyday. I have credited you of course. It would be rude not to and I've posted a link to your blog. Keep up the good work.x x

  9. it really does make your teeth look whiter! and the pink stain will just give your lips a nice rosey glow without lipstick haha
    ive tried all the pear drops etc too and found them absolutely useless x

  10. Ah I must check this one out :) I'm exactly the same - although I don't smoke I swear yellow teeth haunts us all!


  11. I can see a difference it definitly worked! I always use the crest white strips and whitening toothpaste.

  12. Good tips you got, but I think I will stick to my Stella White strips, they have made my teeth really shine every time I have used it :)